Angels Bound in the Euphrates River

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Yearlong extension for the Peace Agreement

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Chad calling from Canada asked Irvin, “I know that you teach that the war will emanate from the Euphrates River and that the countries surrounding the Euphrates River are mainly Islamic countries. But Revelation 14 says that the 6th trumpet angel said to release the four angels who were bound in the Euphrates River but what if the war did not start there and the angels were just bound there?


ANSWER: When I actually refer to that scripture I use the term, “emanate from” because of the way that scripture is worded.  Just as you stated, it says that there are four angels at the River of Euphrates. Well, what is an angel? An angel is a spirit; the Bible says angels are ministering spirits to us who are the heirs of salvation, and those are the good angels.  And the angels that are in the River of Euphrates are not good angels, they are the bad angels because they are bound and when they are loosed the Bible says that the spirits who will lose them will be responsible for causing this war.


Chad, your point is very good and it causes us to ask if we can teach adamantly that this war must start in those four nations (Turkey, Syria, Iraq or Iran), possibly not. Maybe just the spirits of conflict that have been generated from that area and that will then spill over.


I take that to mean that it will start there and spread; it will imminently

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7 Responses to “Angels Bound in the Euphrates River”

  1. The koran states that you must convert or die. Any religion that forces conversion is from hell. Catholicism under Christian cover did the same thing in Spain and France. Religion is evil. Only the WAY with Yeshua is the right way. His way is the way of love, not death.

  2. L. Logan

    There has been many prophecy teachers espousing their views on the current events in the Middle East who want to validate their Pre-trib view point that allows them to escape the persecution and wrath of satan and his Beastly Antichrist and False Prophet financial choke hold through the MARK, NUMBER OR NAME on the world by a UN type of world government. They are repulsed that they would see the seals and trumpet judgements and warnings. They wish to abdicate their MANDATE of the GREAT COMMISSION to preach and teach the gospel to every nation and particularly thenation of Israel!!! They are now seeing vestiges of that terrifying reign of terror through such Antichrist jihadist organizations such as ISIS, Syrian despot Assad and Iranian sponsored terrorism of these Shiite militant groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas looking for the 12th Imam Mahdi. Sunni Wahhabism varies little from the Shiite eschatology. Pakistan is a prime example of the split between Sunnis and Shiites. The Islamic state brief caliphate in Iraq and Syria has been virtually destroyed as the Shia militants of Iran/Iraq with the Alawite Syrian version using the two great military powers of the US and Russia to crush this Sunni radical Islamic political/religious system based roughly on the orthodox Wahabbism the Saudi Arabians had backed and who also backed the Muslim Brotherhood particularly first in Libya and then Egypt in the Arab Spring. Arabia found these radical elements could not be controlled as Al-Qaeda and ISIS ravaged Libya and by violent demonstrations and rigged elections briefly controlled Egypt under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood! Turkey’s Erdogan found the MB also undermining him and his desire to bring about a NEW TURKISH CALIPHATE such as once ruled with the Ottoman Empire. This has been Islam’s problem down through the centuries INTERNECINE BATTLES and arguments over the dogma and nationalistic aspirations. The various extreme, radical groups of Islam call for JIHAD and are intolerant of those splinter sects within their belief. Saudi Arabia’s monarchy found themselves the target of this vitriolic and deadly ideological split! Israel has never attacked it’s Muslim neighbors unless they had attacked them first though they do provoke their Arab neighbors when advantageous. It is miraculous that Israel drove the British out and fought off it’s Muslim neighbors in 1947 and became a Jewish state in 1948. Jordan savagely fought for the west bank and East Jerusalem driving out Jews and burning their synagogues. There has never been a “Palestinian state!” The British held that territory as a Mandate under the League of Nations and then the UN follow on arbitration/dispute international government body. Palestine is the DERISIVE NAME Rome gave the area and the GENTILE NATIONS WAR ON JEWRY stuck with the area under the Palestinian/Syrian/TransJordan territory mandates! The Hashemite had ruled the area EAST OF THE JORDAN and maintained the Hejaz territory in Medina and Mecca for a thousand years. They did not control Palestine where the Ottoman Turks ruled! The Turks were defeated and left the Palestine area for the British Administration Mandate. Trans- Jordan was granted independence in April,1923. Syria has long been the state various kings and caliphs has used to rule and administer Palestine/Israel. It was the Seluecids, then the Romans followed by the Byzantines and for centuries the Ottoman Turks from 1516 until 1918 when the British defeated the Turks and took control of Palestine and France via Sykes-Picot agreement took the mandate in 1920 over greater Syria and Lebanon. Constant rebellion by various ethnic and religious minorities has occured. Notably the Kurds were often the forces attacking Assyrian, Armenian and Christian communities fleeing genocide in Iraq and Turkey. The Kurds fled Turkey and were granted citizenship by the French mandate authorities. Serious wars between the French “occupiers” broke out with Syrian forces. France finally agreed to an independence treaty in sept. 1936 but demanded it’s military and economic control of the fledling republic and fighting continued until Britain and Arab allies forced France to withdraw it’s forces in April 1946. Syria convulsed through all the various Arab and national forces and internal Muslim, Christian and even Jewish groups until Jews fled there under Arab assault and attack on the fledgling Jewish state of Israel. The military took control through a series of coups as political parties could not stabilize the nation. The military was divided between right wing and the increasingly powerful SOCIALIST BA’ATH party. In 1970 Hafez Assad seized power in a coup. In 1973 a constitution declared Syria as a “secular socialist state.” It saw the Shiite Alawis take control of the nation. Sunni Muslims have tried to challenge this sect but been brutally suppressed. The Assad regime continued it’s dependence on first the Soviets and then Russians and allied themselves with the Shia dominated Iranian regime also backed by Russia. The Assad regimes have had their various Damascus Spring and western thaws and attempts to settle the Golan Heights issue with Israel but have always resorted to force, intimidation and war even against it’s own people with the current civil war taking a half million lives and seeing Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah troops operating there against ISIS, Sunni jihadists and Kurds. The US found it’s only real proxy army in the Kurds as the Free Syrian army is riddled with radical jihadi sects. This has put the US at odds with another major nuclear power RUSSIA! The Israelis continue to raid Syria fearing Hezbollah and Iranian forces now stationed there. Israel has oftened provoked the Syrian military into confrontation to weaken their forces; something Moshe Dayan admitted to up to 80% of the time! When will Syria learn they will not come out of such conflicts devastated and in poor shape? Not ever if you believe Isaiah chapter 17 THE BURDEN OF DAMASCUS! When will this prophecy be fulfilled? When the US is removed from “restraining” the King of the NORTH possibly when Trump withdraws US special forces blocking the Shiite Bridge across the Euphrates River!??! The sixth Trumpet War with Russian forces backing a 200,000,000 million jihadist force crossing the Bridge to Destruction and Damascus becoming a RUINOUS HEAP may be much closer than anyone wants or believes. When the world cries out PEACE and SAFETY… then will come DESTRUCTION!

  3. Richard Ansons

    Traduit avec Google
    Interesting to meditate … because in my opinion the process is under development and goes to the end of time:
    Is.17 v1 etc…
    Jer.49 v23-27
    And His strange work Is.28 v21 will be completed .If Bashar knew ..

  4. Joseph McCormick

    Every where in the world where there is armed conflict the core is Islam.When is the world going to see that it is not and never has been a peaceful religion.

  5. D. E. Bohler

    Zech.12 is moveing to a higher level and on to its completion the first 7 verses should be completed this year France is going to move their troops into syria and the us will leave before long. I beleive the next great event that will rock the world is the total destruction of Demacus.