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Kellyane Conway Confirms US Embassy | Prophecy Update

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, confirmed that Trump intends to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Muslim imam of the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount responded by saying that, “moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem is a statement and a declaration […]

Donald Trump’s Israel ambassador pick: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would be ‘declaration of war’

A suggestion from US President-elect Donald Trump’s hard-liner pick for Israeli ambassador that the US embassy in the country will be moved to Jerusalem has been met with condemnation from both Arab and liberal Jewish sources. David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer and long-time friend of the incoming US president, was announced as the transition team’s […]

Iran warns of World War III if Trump revamps nuclear pact

Iran is prepared to start World War III if the Trump administration meddles with its nuclear pact, according to a top official from the Mideast country — who tempered his saber-rattling by saying such an outcome is unlikely because the president-elect is, above all else, a businessman.“Considering Trump’s character and that he measures the cost […]

World War 3 2016: Baltic States Go To Extreme Survival Mode, Preparing For Worst?

The Baltic States are now preparing for the worst as Moscow continues to throw its weight around in the region. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are now training their soldiers in extreme survival skills to prepare for WW3 and a possible Russian invasion. After showing its might in Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, and now Syria, the Baltic States fear […]

UK uses museum tanks, civilians to simulate ‘Putin launching WWIII’

Soviet-designed tanks from a museum and civilian contractors played invading Russians in a simulated attack on NATO member Estonia staged on UK’s Salisbury Plain, British tabloids reported, claiming it was “as close as possible” to reality in “every detail.” The drill pitted the British Army against “Russians invading Estonia,” The Sun and the Mail on Sunday reported, […]

Nuclear Conflict Approaching | Prophecy Update

With several hotspots across the globe which could become flash points for nuclear conflict, the world is closer than ever to World War III.

Obama Warns Of World War III; Civil War in Response to Populist Uprising

President Barack Obama is warning the world and America about a rising populism that he says is sweeping the planet, urging people to be vigilant about the future. “We are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an ‘us’ […]

Half of Russians fear Syria could spark World War III

Nearly half of Russians fear that Moscow’s bombing campaign in Syria could spark World War III, a poll showed Monday. Moscow, an ally of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad,  has been staging bombing raids in Syria since September 2015. Forty-eight percent of Russians were concerned that “heightened tensions in relations between Russia and the West could […]

Let’s Be Clear—A Vote for Warmonger Hillary Clinton Is a Vote for World War 3

If you want to see war without end, vote for Hillary Clinton. It is tremendously ironic that Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media have attempted to portray Donald Trump as “dangerous” and “temperamental” because it is Clinton who actually has a long history of being emotionally unstable. She has a temper that is absolutely legendary, […]

Trump: Clinton’s foreign policy plan would start WW3

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said his rival Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy plan in Syria would trigger World War Three. He also said the US should focus on defeating so-called Islamic State (IS) rather than removing Syria’s president.   Mrs Clinton has proposed a no-fly zone over Syria. The top US military chief has […]