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‘It felt like the heavens were falling’: Afghans reel from Moab impact

After his evening prayers, Mohammad Shahzadah closed the house gates and sat down for dinner. Then the blast came, engulfing the sky in flames and sending tremors through the ground. “The earth felt like a boat in a storm,” Shahzadah said. “I thought my house was being bombed. Last year a drone strike targeted a […]

China ‘deploys 150,000 troops to North Korea border’

The Chinese army has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for pre-emptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria. President Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria on Friday was widely interpreted as a warning to North Korea. And now China, left shocked by the air strikes, has deployed […]

Could World War 3 really happen? How chemical warfare and nuclear weapons could lead to the Apocalypse

Trump ordered two US Navy warships to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles which rained down on an air base near Homs. Evidence suggests that it was from here that regime planes carrying the murderous gas bombs took off, according to the President. The UK called the deadly riposte — which completely destroyed the base and killed […]

The Armageddon Collection

Another World War is Coming We live in such an exciting time! You and I are watching things come to pass that the Bible prophesied about 2,000 years ago. I would not want to live in any other time in the History of the planet. We are approaching the ultimate battle called the Battle of […]

Israel Prepares Mass Evacuations for Future Wars

Should war erupt on the northern border with Hezbollah or on the southern border with Hamas, Israel’s Home Front Command is prepared to evacuate up to 250,000 civilians to safety. The evacuation plan, called “Safe Distance,” would rehouse civilians in the line of fire to hotels, schools or guest houses on kibbutzim. “In places where […]

Iran Creating Fear | Prophecy Update

Is the two-state solution now dead as many in Israel are claiming? Not on your life!

Arabian Gulf War Games

HMS Ocean, a British amphibious assault ship carrying about 750 personnel, 150 of them Royal Marines, led the way. About 500 yards behind was the French destroyer FS Forbin, and about 500 yards behind was the U.S. destroyer USS Mahan. Another 500 yards behind was the Australian destroyer HMAS Arunta. Each carried about 300 sailors. […]

How World War III could begin in Latvia

Four years ago, I predicted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Here’s my next prediction, which by now will strike many people as obvious: The Baltics are next, and will pose one of President-elect Donald Trump’s first and greatest tests. It probably won’t take the form of an overt invasion. Russian President Vladimir Putin has a clear goal […]


World preparing for prophesied events U.S. Embassy Moved to Jerusalem? President-elect Donald Trump boldly promised to move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Congress passed a law in 1995 mandating this move. However, they left a loop-hole. They said the president could ask for a waiver from this law if he felt it would endanger […]

The World’s Last War | Prophecy Update

The Bible prophesies that the world government, now known as the UN, will invade Israel over the issue of Jerusalem. On December 23rd, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2334, declaring Israel’s possession of east Jerusalem as illegal and in violation of international law. A few years from now the international community will invade Israel […]