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US declares NKorea a terror sponsor; new sanctions expected

President Donald Trump announced Monday the U.S. is putting North Korea’s “murderous regime” on America’s terrorism blacklist, despite questions about Pyongyang’s support for international attacks beyond the assassination of its leader’s half brother in February. Trump said the designation as a state sponsor of terror was long overdue, and he promised a new wave of […]

Iran, Saudi Arabia war readiness compared

It’s a looming heavyweight prizefight that nobody wants to see come off.But should escalating tensions between bitter regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia break out into open conflict, Riyadh’s formidable military arsenal would quickly overwhelm Iranian forces in a conventional war, while Tehran would hold the advantage against any Saudi forces in a proxy guerrilla […]

Pentagon says securing North Korea’s nukes would require ground invasion

The only way the United States could “with complete certainty” locate and destroy all of North Korea’s nuclear weapons sites is through putting boots on the ground, and even then the regime could retaliate with a devastating array of biological weapons, the Pentagon said in a report.“The only way to ‘locate and destroy – with […]

In reference to North Korea, Donald Trump says ‘no dictator’ should underestimate U.S. military

At the start of a 12-day trip through Asia to confront North Korea, President Trump told U.S. service members in Japan on Sunday that no dictator should underestimate American military power and determination.The president also said he expects to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during this trip to seek his help with North Korea.Meeting […]

Mattis: The Nuclear Threat From North Korea Is ‘Accelerating’

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned Sunday that the threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea is intensifying. Speaking alongside South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo in Seoul, Mattis said Pyongyang was ramping up its “illegal and unnecessary” weapons program.“North Korea has accelerated the threat that it poses to its neighbors and the world through its […]

Iran fulfilling nuclear deal commitments: IAEA chief

Iran is fulfilling its commitments under the nuclear deal with world powers and U.N. inspectors are facing no problems in their verification efforts, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director-general said on Monday. U.S. President Donald Trump said earlier this month that he would not continue to certify the multinational 2015 agreement, reached under his […]

As North Korea threat looms, US Navy tests ballistic missile shootdown capability

More than a dozen NATO warships participated in the successful shoot-down of a ballistic missile target near Scotland on Sunday, the latest such test of defensive measures amid North Korea’s advancing nuke and missile programs.The live-fire exercise included 14 NATO warships, according to a statement from the U.S. Navy. During the maneuver, USS Donald Cook, […]

‘Military Options’ For NK ‘Inc

The Trump administration is reportedly increasingly considering military options to solve North Korea, according to a former CIA official.“Military options are increasing, not decreasing” in Washington, D.C., Bruce Klingner, a former CIA deputy division chief for Korea and a senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at the conservative Heritage Foundation, revealed Thursday at a public roundtable […]

Israel, Hezbollah exchange threats of imminent war

At the southernmost point of Lebanon, at the border with Israel, life is normal. Even on weekdays, Lebanese from across the country pour into the southern town of Naqoura to enjoy its unpolluted beach and white cliffs.Yet Naqoura could become one of the most affected areas if a war were to erupt between Israel and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah.Both sides have been lobbing […]

Mattis: Be ready with military options on North Korea

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Monday urged military leaders “to be ready” with military options for President Donald Trump to deal with North Korea should diplomacy fail, Politico reports.”Right now it is a diplomatically led, economic sanctions-buttressed effort to try to turn North Korea off this path,” Mattis said following a speech at the […]