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Satanists Raise Baphomet Statue in Little Rock, Arkansas

Satanists turned out in droves to shout their support of the unveiling of Baphomet , a bronze statue bearing a goat head perched over a winged body, in the Arkansas capital city of Little Rock. The Satanic Temple (TST) arranged the rally right opposite the State Capitol building. TST organized the event to protest against […]

Nuns are coming forward to accuse priests and bishops of sexual assault

Nuns are forcing the Catholic Church to face another kind of sexual scandal among its clergy: the abuse of “religious sisters by priests and bishops,” the Associated Press reports.   The big picture: The Church has a rocky history of abuse of young children, but the abuse of sisters is a matter the community has […]

There Must Be A Purge In The Catholic Church. And It Must Be Brutal

A grand jury report about the sex abuse of children by priests in Pennsylvania was released today. Over 300 predator priests are named in the document. The specifics are graphic and horrifying. They involve violent sexual assault and rape, and sometimes the coordinated abuse of children by multiple priests in the same church. And, of […]

United Methodists debate, lobby and worry in advance of LGBT decision

At a recent gathering of United Methodists, organizers sold purple T-shirts quoting the Methodist founder John Wesley’s instruction: “Do Not Rashly Tear Asunder.   ”In Methodist circles these days, citing the founder’s admonition can be understood only as a plea for an amicable solution to the denomination’s coming showdown over homosexuality.   A special session […]

Egypt is Set to Build First Ever Religious Tolerance Museum

The Minister of Antiquities has announced that a committee will be appointed the task of creating Egypt’s very first museum of religious tolerance.The news of the museum was reported on Thursday, via Egypt Independent; it will supposedly be located in the New Administrative Capital, near the city’s main mosque.It will also include pieces from the […]

A Passion For Interfaith Dialogue And Diversity

Joel N. Lohr, the new president of Hartford Seminary who arrived in the West End earlier this month from California, is poised to transform the small nondenominational graduate school into a more prominent trailblazer for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations.   “My hope is to continue to raise the profile of the institution, locally here in Hartford, but […]

Facebook Censors Gospel Group’s Music Video for ‘Political Content’

Social media giant Facebook recently censored a music video produced by a gospel music group, claiming that it featured “political content.”Gospel music group Zion’s Joy! recently posted their new song “What Would Heaven Look Like,” to Facebook, boosting the video’s reach on the platform with a $100 advertising investment. But soon after the post was boosted, […]

Faces of Islam: Area imam explains the faith, contributions to Northeast Pa.

Dr. Ibrahim Almeky warmly welcomed a reporter into the conference room of his Pierce Street medical practice.   The conversation wasn’t about health care or prescriptions, but his other occupation: religion. While the bulk of Almeky’s time is spent practicing as an internist at his Urgent Care center and at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center, he’s […]

Vatican City still has no policy to fight clergy sex abuse

ROME – Pope Francis has taken measures to address a spiraling sex abuse scandal in Chile, but he hasn’t moved on a problem closer to home: Vatican City itself does not have policies to protect children from pedophile priests or require suspected abuse to be reported to police.Seven years after the Vatican ordered all bishops […]

LGBT Case Against Christian Florist Sent Back to Lower Court

The Supreme Court has put off a further decision on whether shop owners who are conservative Christians have a religious freedom right to refuse to provide service or products for a same-sex wedding.The justices, with no registered dissent, sent back a pending appeal from a florist in Richland, Wash., who was convicted of violating the […]