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Alan Dodd: Who Are the Real Racists?

Well, it’s the season to be racist. Coming up on national elections is the perfect time for the liberals to begin the racist accusations in order to try and influence voters not to vote for opposing candidates. Read More: Alan Dodd: Who Are the Real Racists? — The Patriot Post.

Pope to Muslims: People Have ‘Freedom to Choose the Religion One Judges to be True’

During his first official visit to the Middle East, Pope Francis repeatedly told Muslim audiences that religious freedom is “a fundamental human right” and that governments must allow people to choose their own faith. Read More: Pope to Muslims: People Have ‘Freedom to Choose the Religion One Judges to be True’ | CNS News.

Peres and Abbas to pray for peace at Vatican on June 8

President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will meet at the Vatican and pray for peace together at an unprecedented gathering on June 8, the Vatican said on Thursday.   In one of his boldest political gestures since his election in March, 2013, Pope Francis invited the two leaders to come to the […]

Papal visit leads to embrace between Christian, Jew and Muslim

Pope Francis, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim leader Omar Abboud collapsed in a heartfelt embraced before the Western Wall. As they hugged each other, they exclaimed, “We did it!”   The Rabbi, the Muslim leader and the Pope met each other in Buenos Aires. For years, the three have worked together to foster greater understanding […]

Pope takes action on secret archives

Pope Francis nixed a plan to open secret Vatican archive files relevant to the Holocaust following pressure from Germany and France, an informed Western diplomat based in Tel Aviv told WND.   Francis was to make the announcement Sunday during his speech at Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, as […]

Vatican Says Pope to Demand ‘Sovereign Palestine’

The Vatican’s Secretary of State made a dramatic revelation ahead of Pope Francis’s visit to Israel next Sunday and Monday, declaring that the pope will talk about the “Palestinian people’s right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent.”   Cardinal Pietro Parolin holds a role in the Vatican City State, located in the Italian capital of Rome, equivalent […]

Pope To ‘Recognize Palestine’?

Palestinian Authority (PA) and Arab Christian sources are already celebrating Pope Francis’s visit to Israel starting next Sunday, saying his choice to begin the trip directly in PA-held Bethlehem is meant to “recognize Palestine” and “oppose the occupation.”   “He is taking a helicopter directly from Jordan to Palestine – to Bethlehem. It’s a kind of […]

U.N. torture committee probes Vatican on sex abuse scandal

The Vatican is bracing for a blistering session this week before the U.N. Committee Against Torture, which is expected to address the Holy See’s handling of its churchwide sexual abuse scandal and its infringement on human rights.   The Rev. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, warned against “ideological pressure” if the U.N. panel veers off topic like its […]

Police Sgt. Sues City, Claims He Was Discriminated Against For Wiccan Religion

A veteran Los Angeles police sergeant is suing the city claiming he was discriminated against because of his Wiccan religion, weeks after his wife filed a similar lawsuit. Read More: Police Sgt. Sues City, Claims He Was Discriminated Against For Wiccan Religion « CBS Los Angeles.

ANALYSIS: To understand Pope Francis, look to the Jesuits

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Figuring out why Pope Francis has upended so many expectations, how exactly he’s changed the Catholic Church in his first year and what he might be contemplating for the future has become a Catholic parlor game that is almost as popular as the pontiff himself. Read More: ANALYSIS: To understand Pope Francis, […]