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At the Vatican, a Shift in Tone Toward Gays and Divorce

VATICAN CITY — In a marked shift in tone likely to be discussed in parishes around the world, an assembly of Roman Catholic bishops convened by Pope Francis at the Vatican released a preliminary document on Monday calling for the church to welcome and accept gay people, unmarried couples and those who have divorced, as […]

Vatican forced to backtrack over document supporting gay people and divorcees

The Vatican appears to be backtracking over a landmark document which said gay people had ‘gifts and qualities’ to offer the Catholic church after an outcry from conservative bishops. The paper – which also supported unmarried couples and divorcees – was hailed as a step forward by campaigners when it was released yesterday as part […]

Bishops say gays have gifts to offer church

Catholic bishops signaled a radical shift in tone Monday about accepting gays into the church, saying they had gifts to offer and that their partnerships, while morally problematic, provided homosexual couples with “precious” support.   In a preliminary report, released half-way through a Vatican meeting on family life called by Pope Francis, the bishops also […]

Catholic bishops go liberal on sex during meeting to discuss ‘family issues’

Catholic bishops meeting to discuss ‘family issues’ at a two week summit have said unmarried couples living together can be ‘positive’, and gay relationships and divorces must be welcomed. Displaying remarkably liberal attitudes for a Church famed for its conservatism, bishops meeting in the Vatican today also said that a couples’ decision on the use of […]

Vatican proposes ‘stunning’ shift on gays, lesbians

Using strikingly open language, a new Vatican report says the church should welcome and appreciate gays, and offers a solution for divorced and remarried Catholics who want to receive Communion. Read More: Vatican proposes ‘stunning’ shift on gays, lesbians – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs.

Pope Francis Makes Another Impassioned Plea for Christian Unity

Dear friends, let us therefore proceed towards full unity! History has separated us, but we are on the path towards reconciliation and communion! And this is true! And we must defend it! We are all on the path toward communion. And when the goal seems too distant, almost unreachable, and we feel gripped by despair, […]

Atheist and Wiccan Prayers Are Welcomed at City Council Meeting

The United States of America has been called a nation built on prayer, and in many ways that is true. Religious prayers have often been held before important meetings, sporting events, and during courts; they are a key part of oaths and pledges, and have been for hundreds of years.   However, in recent years […]

History has separated Christians

“During the journey through history, the Church has been tempted by the devil who tries to divide it, and unfortunately has been marred by serious and painful separations”. “Behind these tears are always the pride and selfishness, which are the cause of all disagreement and make us intolerant, unable to listen and accept those who […]

The Devil Works to Divide Christians

Divisions among Christians “hurt the Church and they wound Christ,” Pope Francis said to tens of thousands of visitors gathered in Saint Peter’s Square Wednesday morning.   During her journey through history, “the Church is tempted by the devil who tries to divide it,” the Pope said, and unfortunately, “she has been marred by serious […]

Pope Francis urges bishops to ‘speak their minds’ at sex conference at the Vatican 

Pope Francis urged bishops to say ‘speak their minds’ today as a historic sex conference got underway at the Vatican. Read More: Pope Francis urges bishops to ‘speak their minds’ at sex conference at the Vatican  | Daily Mail Online.