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The Crime of Religious Exclusiveness

The zealots of religious inclusiveness want to give their movement the force of law. And their tactic is working. Do what Gorbachev suggested. Equate religious exclusiveness with racial discrimination and violence against gays. Make religious exclusiveness a hate crime!


In his book Perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev stated that there are three root causes for war on earth: political conflicts, economic conflicts and religious conflicts. It was Gorbachev’s contention that if we could have some form of global governance, a world economy and mutual respect among all the religions of the world, we could realize a…

Prophetic Fulfillments of 2013—Part 2

One-World Government The Prophecy Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. – Daniel 7:23   And it was given unto him to make war with the […]

Prophetic Fulfillments of 2012

As we assess the prophetic fulfillments of 2012, we will consider six major prophecies given for the times immediately preceding the Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon. They are: World War III Beginning of Final 7 Years World Government Holy Roman Empire Reborn Rampant Homosexuality 666 – Mark of the Beast  Prophetic […]

U.N. wants to use drones for peacekeeping missions – The Washington Post

The United Nations, looking to modernize its peacekeeping operations, is planning for the first time to deploy a fleet of its own surveillance drones in missions in Central and West Africa. Read more: U.N. wants to use drones for peacekeeping missions – The Washington Post.

The United Nations Global Warming Climate Change Scam | Prophecy in the News

The United Nations Global Warming Climate Change Scam | Prophecy in the News


The Book of Revelation lets us know that there will be a communistic world government set up just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is already…

World Leaders Focus On Prophecy | Prophecy in the News

[T]he United Nations 67th General Assembly convened in New York this September to discuss prophecy…?

Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas – Called for a two-state solution going back to 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital…



Daniel 9:27 tells us that the Antichrist will confirm the covenant (peace treaty) for a seven year period and that the…

The End of Human Government

[T]he last of the seven trumpet angels sounded in Revelation 11:15

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever.


When the seventh trumpet begins to sound, the mystery of God should be finished. The kingdoms of this world are now become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ and He shall reign forever and ever.

The Prophetic Future of the United States

The USA in Bible Prophecy What will the ultimate destiny of the United States be according to the Bible? Can we know for certain? In Daniel 7, there are four beasts portrayed a lion with eagle’s wings, a bear, a leopard and a ten-horned beast. These beasts are symbols for nations. It can be shown […]

Ban Ki Moon—UN Caretaker or AntiChrist?

Who is the Antichrist? Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations On October 13th, Ban Ki Moon of South Korea was chosen as the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations. Ban replaced Secretary General Kofi Annan as head of the UN on January 1, 2007. The choice of the UN leader generated more than a […]