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Arab foreign ministers back Abbas’ UN bid for occupation deadline

Arab foreign ministers say they will back Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s efforts to lobby the United Nations to set a deadline for Israel to end its occupation of lands captured in the 1967 war and make way for an independent Palestinian state. Read More: Arab foreign ministers back Abbas’ UN bid for occupation deadline – […]

USAPP – Globalisation has created substantial benefits, but global governance must evolve…

The fall of the Berlin and other political walls over the past 25 years, together with the development of the internet over the same period, have led to many of humanity’s greatest achievements. These include the spreading of democracy to over 60 countries, significant reductions in poverty and increases in life expectancy, and improved access […]

Senior Fatah member: ICC indictment against Israel is ready for submission

Senior Fatah official Mohammed Ashtiya on Thursday declared that the Palestinians are ready to apply for International Criminal Court membership and take Israel to the court – and added that their demands should be taken seriously. Read More: Senior Fatah member: ICC indictment against Israel is ready for submission – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News […]

Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines “New World Order”

As awareness grows of the international establishment’s globalist plotting against liberty and national sovereignty, problems on the road toward a “New World Order” are becoming increasingly obvious, and opposition is surging in tandem. It seems that insider bigwigs are getting nervous. Read More: Globalist Henry Kissinger Outlines “New World Order”.

Obama: ISIS a ‘Manageable Problem,’ If ‘International Community’ Comes Together

“We know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink ISILl’s sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities to the point  where it is a manageable problem,” said Obama. Read More: Obama: ISIS a ‘Manageable Problem,’ If ‘International Community’ Comes Together | The Weekly Standard.

NATO Weighs Rapid Response Force for Eastern Europe

As Ukrainian leaders warned on Monday of “a great war” with Russia, NATO leaders meeting in Wales this week were expected to endorse their most concrete response yet to increased Russian military intervention in Ukraine: establishing a rapid-reaction force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe, officials of the alliance said.   The new force […]

Global coalition needed to destroy Hamas, all Islamist terror, Steinitz tells US lawmakers

Hamas in Gaza must be seen as being part of the greater phenomenon of the militarization of Islamist terror groups that stretches from Iraq in the East to the heart of Africa in the West, Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz told a delegation from the House Armed Services Committee in Jerusalem on Friday. Read More: Global […]

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

Libya is in civil war, fundamentalist armies are building a self-declared caliphate across Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan’s young democracy is on the verge of paralysis. To these troubles are added a resurgence of tensions with Russia and a relationship with China divided between pledges of cooperation and public recrimination. The concept of order that […]

Obama crafts legal rationale for immigration steps

The White House is crafting a blame-it-on-Congress legal justification to back up President Barack Obama’s impending executive actions on immigration. Read More: Obama crafts legal rationale for immigration steps – Yahoo Finance.

UN Climate Chief: ‘Not Very Far’ from Considering ‘Climate Change as a Public Health Emergency’

Secretary of State John Kerry has called climate change “the biggest challenge of all that we face right now,” and his French counterpart has warned of climate “chaos” in 500 days, and now the U.N. climate change chief is implying that climate change can be viewed on a par with the deadly Ebola outbreak. Read […]