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Iran agrees to ship uranium to Russia as part of nuclear deal

The agreement, however, does not address an alternative way for the Islamic Republic to obtain a nuclear bomb – the use of the heavy water produced at Iran’s Arak plant to produce plutonium. Despite that, an American official involved in the talks was optimistic about the proposed agreement, saying that “if the Iran-Russia deal works, […]

Still No Word From IRS

The Alliance Defending Freedom’s invitation to pastors to exercise their First Amendment rights by speaking truth to power — and offering political advice and counsel to their flocks from their pulpits — has taken on a life of its own. Sunday, October 7 was designated by the ADF as Pulpit Freedom Sunday, during which it […]

Israeli Settlement Plan ‘Flies in the Face’ of Peace

Jerusalem that is home to numerous holy sites is an “unfortunate” step that “flies in the face” of the government’s stated goal of fostering an environment for peace, the U.S. said Monday.   Jerusalem’s Planning and Building Committee on Monday approved the construction of 500 more housing units despite Washington’s strong disapproval of Prime Minister […]

U.S. Supreme Court closely divided on Jerusalem passport case

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared closely divided on Monday as it considered whether Congress overstepped its authority in passing a law designed to allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to have Israel listed as their birthplace on passports.   Congress passed the law in 2002 but the government has never enforced it. Seeking to remain […]

Southern Baptists, LGBT activists happily coexist, but for how long?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) When Southern Baptists convened a national conference here this week to discuss issues of human sexuality, bringing conservative evangelicals and LGBT Christian activists into the same ballroom was a recipe ripe for potential fireworks.   Perhaps the most shocking thing was how few fireworks there were.   The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty […]

Death With Dignity Advocate Brittany Maynard Dies in Oregon

Brittany Maynard fulfilled her final wish Saturday, purposely ending her own life on her own schedule, activists close to her family confirmed Sunday night.   She was 29. She was diagnosed earlier this year with a fatal brain tumor — told the cancer likely would kill her in six months. But she had no intention, […]

Does the military have a problem with Jesus?

A colonel’s column was removed from an Air National Guard newsletter because the writer violated military policy by including references to Jesus Christ and God, an Ohio National Guard spokesman said.   Col. Florencio Marquinez, the medical group commander of the 180th Fighter Wing, wrote an essay in the September edition of the “Stinger.” It […]

FBI demands new powers to hack into computers and carry out surveillance

The FBI is attempting to persuade an obscure regulatory body in Washington to change its rules of engagement in order to seize significant new powers to hack into and carry out surveillance of computers throughout the US and around the world.   Civil liberties groups warn that the proposed rule change amounts to a power […]

Pope Francis agitates conservative U.S. Catholics

A senior American cardinal in the Vatican says that under this pope, the Roman Catholic Church is “a ship without a rudder” and the faithful “are feeling a bit seasick.”   Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput complains that a recent Vatican conference called by Pope Francis produced “confusion,” adding, “Confusion is of the devil.”   A […]

Erekat threatens renewed push for Palestine recognition

Since the collapse of US-led peace talks with Israel in April, the Palestinians have turned to the United Nations and international organizations to seek recognition for their state. In 2012, the Palestinians won the status of UN observer state. With peace talks now bogged down, the Palestinians have warned they would go ahead with plans […]