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Border Crisis – Tower of Babel Revisited

Immigration Border Crisis The wave of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border of the United States stirs heated debate, threatens America’s national security and paves the way for the prophesied one-world government.   By Rick Brinegar “A lot of these people that are coming in from Central America have dangerous diseases. It’s a potential for […]

Hopes of nuclear deal with Iran fade, as diplomats now seek extension

The possibility of the U.S. and five other nations reaching a nuclear deal with Iran by this week’s deadline began to fade Sunday with reports that diplomats are now discussing an extension.   Secretary of State John Kerry and the other world leaders have started internal discussions on extending the talks — one day before […]

Interview with Kamal Saleem

Former Member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO     “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.” – Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood   By the time the early 20th […]

Washington, Water You Doing?

Clean Water Act proposal expands federal control over private property. By Rick Brinegar   Could a water puddle on your property subject you to new layers of federal bureaucracy? Yes, it could. On the surface it might appear that the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers are merely seeking a rule clarification. […]

US Jewish Groups Condemn Abbas for Incitement

A range of Jewish groups in the United States have come out recently in condemnation of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accusing him of incitement. The groups have also expressed growing concern over the escalation of terror and violence throughout Israel, and particularly in Jerusalem. In the past month, there have been two car terrorist attacks, an […]

China climate deal sets stage for US political warfare

At least, that’s the way US Secretary of State John Kerry is describing the plan to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by 26%-28% below 2005 levels by 2025 and halt the growth of Chinese emissions by 2030.   “Our announcement can inject momentum into the global climate negotiations, which resume in less than three weeks […]

Nearly 70 Percent of UN Member States Officially Recognize Palestine, US Not Among Them

On Thursday October 30, 2014, Sweden became the 135th of 193 members of the United Nations (U.N.) to officially recognize Palestine as an independent state, raising the percentage of U.N. Member State recognition to nearly 70 percent.   According to the Washington Post, “the act sparked a tetchy diplomatic incident with Israel.” No surprise here. […]

U.S., Iran holding secret talks to renew diplomatic ties, Times reports

Iranian and American officials have held secret talks to discuss renewing diplomatic relations if a deal is reached on Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions are lifted, the Times reported early on Monday.   According to the report, the two nations are discussing the possibility of opening a U.S. trade office in Teheran. This would be […]

US, France Say Iran Can Have Nuclear Program, Not Bomb

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says he and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, agree that Iran has a right to a peaceful nuclear program but “not a track to a bomb.”   Kerry and Fabius met in Paris where they discussed ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran and other issues, ahead of Kerry’s trilateral meeting […]

Bilateral talks failed, we’re going to UN

“No other solution has been proposed by the United States” to achieve peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state, senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Wassel Abu Yusef told AFP. “The US administration is pushing to resume bilateral negotiations, even while it’s clear that these have failed throughout the last few years.” The last […]