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US and Turkey anti-ISIS campaign and PKK

Ankara officially joined the coalition fight against ISIS on July 24, striking ISIS (and the PKK) on the same day. It also recently began allowing the US to use the Incirlik airbase in Turkey to carry out strikes against ISIS.   But Turkey has conducted 300 strikes against the PKK and three against ISIS since […]

The US and Turkey are taking a big gamble on Syria

President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are both taking a big gamble as they agree to work together against the Islamic State group militants in Syria.   Their goals, while overlapping in some ways, are far different in others, mainly on the question of how to handle Kurdish militants battling Islamic State […]

Turkey Launches War: 260 Kurds Dead in a Week

Turkey has killed 260 Kurdish militants in a week-long air offensive on targets in northern Iraq, official media claimed Saturday, as regional Iraqi authorities said it was time the rebels pulled out with concerns growing over civilian casualties.   Ankara has launched a two-pronged “anti-terror” offensive against Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in Syria and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants based in northern […]

Iraqi Kurds warn PKK amid Turkey air strikes

At the same time, it is bombing Islamic State militants in Syria in an effort to push them back from Turkey’s borders. Turkey had not previously been involved in fighting in Syria’s conflict. ‘Keep battlefield away’ Further Turkish air raids were reported overnight, this time in the Rawanduz area east of Erbil, capital of Iraq’s […]

Opposition accuses Erdogan of taking Turkey to war to avenge Kurdish gains

“Turkey carried out a couple of air strikes against Islamic State just for show, without causing serious damage to it, nor is Islamic State feeling serious pressure from Turkey,” he said.   “Turkey’s operations do not aim at taking measures against Islamic State. The main objective is to prevent the formation of a Kurdish entity […]

Turkey strategy toward ISIS and Kurds

“Given the overall posture of [ISIS], why else would it refrain from attacking a pro-Western NATO member?” Schanzer added.   The evidence of some sort of arrangement is piling up: Martin Chulov of The Guardian recently reported that a US-led raid on the compound housing ISIS’ “chief financial officer” detailed how Turkish officials directly dealt […]

Turkey Is Bombing Both ISIS and Kurds Linked to Forces Fighting Militants

Turkey’s abrupt decision to jump into the fight against ISIS with airstrikes should have been a win for the U.S. — but the package deal that came with the operations has put its allies in a pickle.   ISIS has not been the sole target of Ankara’s freshly-launched firepower: Turkish warplanes have also started bombing […]

NATO: We stand with Turkey against ‘terrorism’

NATO vowed strong support for Turkey’s fight against “terrorism” at an emergency meeting Tuesday called to discuss Ankara’s strikes against Islamic State fighters and Kurdish rebels.   The rare talks came as an uncompromising President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara could not continue its peace process with the Kurds amid fresh attacks on Turkish targets. […]

IS conflict: Nato discusses Turkey-Syria border crisis

Turkey was until recently a reluctant partner in the US coalition against IS, but over the past few days it has bombed IS and Kurdish positions. Turkey is also backing plans for a buffer zone on the border with Syria. Turkey’s prime minister said he expects his country’s allies to show solidarity and support for […]

Turkey and U.S. Plan to Create Syria ‘Safe Zone’ Free of ISIS

“Details remain to be worked out, but what we are talking about with Turkey is cooperating to support partners on the ground in northern Syria who are countering ISIL,” a senior Obama administration official said, using another term for the Islamic State. “The goal is to establish an ISIL-free zone and ensure greater security and […]