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Chaos Grips Hungary Train Station as Migrants Remain Stranded

About 2,000 migrants remained stranded near the Keleti train station in central Budapest on Wednesday, and hundreds of passengers were delayed overnight on five Eurostar trains after migrants blocked tracks near the French port of Calais, as Europe continued to grapple with a surge of desperate migrants.   In southern Europe, at least 11 migrants […]

Former British General blames Cameron for rise of Islamic State

Turkish police arrest Israeli Arab woman attempting to enter Syria, deport her back to Israel   The former head of Britain’s Armed Forces blamed British Prime Minster David Cameron for the rise of the Islamic State in Syria, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday.   General Sir David Richards, who served as chief of Britain’s […]

Turkey to Join Coalition Against ISIS

The United States and Turkey have finalized technical details on an agreement to include Turkey in an international effort to bring down the Islamic State (ISIS), fully integrating Turkey into the international coalition’s airstrikes against the group, a Pentagon spokesman said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.   “It could take a few days to put […]

The U.S. and Turkey Will Soon Launch ‘Comprehensive’ Operations Against ISIS

Turkey’s Foreign Minister said Monday that Washington and Ankara have agreed on a plan to flush out ISIS extremists from the Turkey-Syria border.   In an interview with Reuters, Mevlut Cavusoglu said the two nations would soon launch “comprehensive” air operations to clear ISIS from a 50-mile long border zone in northern Syria.   “The […]

Erdogan Calls for Fresh Elections

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for fresh parliamentary elections, his office said on Monday, according to Reuters.   The move was widely anticipated after two months of coalition talks failed to produce a coalition government ahead of a deadline.   Sources from Erdogan’s office said he would meet Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at […]

Will NATO and Turkey act before IS reaches Europe?

Regarding Turkey: The Islamic State imports and exports products through Turkey. The exports are of oil, the group’s main revenue source. The imports are of fighters and volunteers lured from all over the world, through Turkey. In a move that’s nothing short of amazing, Turkey, a member of NATO, is openly assisting the sown enemy […]

Analysis: An Israel-Turkey-Hamas rapprochement?

The long-awaited approval of the natural gas deal by the Israeli government has the potential of turning Israel into a major energy exporter and therefore into a different kind of geopolitical player. This change is already being felt vis-à-vis a former regional ally-turned-challenger: Turkey.   In September 2014, the owners of the Leviathan gas field […]

U.S. begins manned airstrikes on ISIS from Turkey

For the first time, the United States launched manned airstrikes from a base in Turkey against ISIS forces in Syria, the Pentagon said Wednesday.   The attacks from Incirlik Air Base are part of an agreement reached last month between NATO allies Turkey and the United States.   The United States has long wanted to […]

US and Turkey anti-ISIS campaign and PKK

Ankara officially joined the coalition fight against ISIS on July 24, striking ISIS (and the PKK) on the same day. It also recently began allowing the US to use the Incirlik airbase in Turkey to carry out strikes against ISIS.   But Turkey has conducted 300 strikes against the PKK and three against ISIS since […]

The US and Turkey are taking a big gamble on Syria

President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are both taking a big gamble as they agree to work together against the Islamic State group militants in Syria.   Their goals, while overlapping in some ways, are far different in others, mainly on the question of how to handle Kurdish militants battling Islamic State […]