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Obama points finger at Russia over jet shoot-down by Turkey

President Obama pointed the finger at Russia over its warplane being shot down by Turkey, suggesting the incident might not have happened if Moscow were more concerned with hitting ISIS targets than moderate opposition to Syria’s Bashar Assad – a campaign that puts them dangerously close to the Turkish border.   The president, speaking Tuesday […]

Putin: Turkish leadership’s policy of encouraging ‘Islamization’ is a problem

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Turkey’s political leaders had been encouraging the ‘Islamization’ of Turkish society, something he said was a problem, Russian agencies quoted him as saying.   Speaking a day after Turkey shot down one of Moscow’s jets, Putin said:   “The problem is not the tragedy we witnessed yesterday,” the […]

US-Russian discord over Syria stoked by Turkey’s downing of the Russian warplane

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, US President Barack Obama, in a conversation with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, said Turkey has the right to defend its territory just like any other country. He also said that the Russian Su-24 plane crossed the border and stayed in Turkey for 17 seconds. In other words, it was 1.6 km inside […]

Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger

Moscow plans to suspend military cooperation with Ankara after the downing of a Russian bomber by Turkish air forces, Russian General Staff representatives said on Tuesday. Further measures to beef up Russian air base security in Syria will also be taken. Three steps as announced by top brass:   Each and every strike groups’ operation […]

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Border With Syria

NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian warplane after it violated the country’s airspace near the Syrian border on Tuesday, officials said.   The Russian aircraft was warned 10 times in five minutes before being fired upon, according to the Turkish air force.   A U.S. military spokesperson in Baghdad backed the assertion that the […]

Putin calls Turkey’s downing of Russian jet ‘a stab in the back’

President Vladimir Putin called Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet a stab in the back administered by “the accomplices of terrorists,” saying the incident would have serious consequences for Moscow’s relations with Ankara.   Speaking in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on Tuesday before a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Putin said […]

NATO calls ‘extraordinary meeting’ after Turkey downs Russian jet

NATO allies will hold an “extraordinary” meeting Tuesday at Ankara’s request to discuss Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian fighter jet along the Syrian border, an alliance official said.   “At the request of Turkey, the North Atlantic Council will hold an extraordinary meeting at (1600 GMT). The aim of this extraordinary NAC is for […]

Erdogan and Turkey’s morning after

He is back.   Having won yet another election while displaying yet more of the impulse, gamble and victory that have been his remarkable career’s hallmarks, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s supporters were dancing Sunday night like there was no tomorrow.   Alas, when the dust settles, the dancers will learn that despite their Justice […]

US Ships to Stay Permanently in Eastern Mediterranean Sea

On October 30, an unnamed senior US defense official said that dozens of F-15C jets would join A-10 ground attack aircraft at the Incirlik Air Base in south Turkey. Earlier, around a dozen “tank killer” A-10s landed at Incirlik in mid-October. Although the Pentagon announced that the deployment is to ‘ensure the safety’ of America’s NATO allies, the move was seen by some […]

Why is US Deploying F-15C Fighter Jets to Turkey?

The US Air Force is deploying up to a dozen of US F-15C Eagle fighter jets to Turkey. And although the Pentagon announced that the deployment is to ‘ensure the safety’ of America’s NATO allies, the move is seen by some as a counter to Russia’s airstrikes in Syria.   On October 30, an unnamed […]