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A new US-Russian-Turkish military buildup over Syria: In unison or at odds?

The US and Russia are in the process of a military buildup in the Kurdish areas of northern Syria. It is ranged along a narrow strip of land 85 km long, stretching from Hassakeh in the east up to the Kurdish town of Qamishli on the Syrian-Turkish border. Facing them from across that border is […]

An ill wind

IN BERLIN they speak of “Plan B”; in Brussels the fear is of the U-turn. Whatever the term, the prediction is the same: that Angela Merkel is on the brink of reversing the generous policy towards asylum-seekers that saw more than a million of them reach Germany last year. For now, Mrs Merkel sticks to […]

EU €3bn deal with Turkey at risk amid differences over who pays

The deal was seen as one of the EU’s key responses to the wave of refugees heading to Europe from Syria, Iraq and other war zones last year. As a major transit country for migrants seeking to reach the EU, Turkey is currently hosting more than 2.2 million refugees. EU states gave initial backing to […]

Analysis: Putin closest thing to a friend Israel has ever had in Moscow

Love him or hate him, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military intervention in Syria unquestionably upended Middle Eastern politics. Putin supported Syrian President Bashar Assad, established several military bases in Syria, created a de-facto Russian-Shi’ite axis, confronted Turkey and forced the West to re-engage with him.   While all the region’s major players feel the influence […]

Suicide bomber kills 10 people, mainly Germans, in Istanbul

A suicide bomber thought to have crossed recently from Syria killed at least 10 people, most of them German tourists, in Istanbul’s historic heart on Tuesday, in an attack Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed on Islamic State.   All of those killed in Sultanahmet square, near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia – major tourist […]

Turkey wants to strengthen ties with China

As the Middle East plunges into further chaos and tensions with Russia continue to escalate, Turkey is looking to the East to reduce its reliance on NATO. In an effort to revitalize the ancient Silk Road under the Belt and Road initiative, China has laid out a plan for closer ties with countries along the […]

Sweden and Denmark Add Border Checks to Stem Flow of Migrants

The continued flow of people along Europe’s migration trail, from Turkey and Greece to the Balkans to Scandinavia, faced new impediments on Monday as two of the northernmost destinations further tightened border controls in response to political, economic and logistical pressures.   Sweden, once one of the most welcoming of nations for refugees, introduced new […]

Turkey–Israel normalization – why ever not?

          “Normalization” is a dirty word among Palestinian leaders, of both Fatah and Hamas persuasions. It implies acceptance of Israel’s right to exist and, by some perverse logic, a downgrading of Palestinian rights.   It must have come as something of a shock, therefore, to read the remarks of Turkey’s President […]

Analysis: Israel-Turkey thaw may be only temporary

Israel and Turkey appear to be close to normalizing relations, though it is not yet a done deal.   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist ideology and coziness with radical groups such as Hamas are likely to get in the way sooner or later.   Erdogan and his AKP government’s rhetoric against Israel, its harboring […]

Hamas activity in Turkey an obstacle to Ankara-Jerusalem reconciliation

The shutting down of Hamas’s operations in Turkey is emerging as one of the sticking points preventing the signing of an agreement normalizing ties between Israel and Turkey, The Jerusalem Post has learned.   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Likud faction on Monday that a rapprochement with Turkey is not yet a done deal, […]