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Jerusalem Post Editorial: UNESCO fiasco

When Palestinians, Muslims, anti-Semites or, for that matter, The New York Times, question whether a Jewish temple ever stood on the Temple Mount, the motivation is political, not the pursuit of archeological fact.   The underlying assumption is that if Jews’ ties to Jerusalem and to the Temple can be denied or questioned, it serves […]

Temple Institute claims it held secret Jewish wedding on Temple Mount

The Temple Institute, an organization whose self-declared goal is to “establish the Third Temple,” claimed on Tuesday evening that it held a secret Jewish wedding on the Temple Mount in what could reignite hostilities at the sensitive holy site and elsewhere.   A post on the Temple Institute’s Facebook page claims that Rabbi Chaim Richman, […]

Eligible kohanim wanted

The Temple Institute on Monday announced a new initiative to identify, select and register kohanim who would be eligible to prepare the Red Heifer, as part of reinstating worship at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem when it is rebuilt.   In launching the registration program, the Temple Institute is moving to the second stage of its […]

Jordan to ‘reveal Israeli Temple Mount violations’

Jordan said on Sunday it will set up security cameras on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, in the coming days to monitor any Israeli “violations” – namely any attempts by Jews to pray at the site in defiance of the discriminatory ban.   The announcement confirms fears that the cameras, originally agreed to by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on […]

Write Jewish law, get banned from Temple Mount

Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer, the Chief Rabbi of Mitzpe Yericho and the dean of Hara’ayon Hayehudi Yeshiva in Jerusalem, is currently banned from ascending the Temple Mount – because he wrote a booklet on the Jewish legal facets of the Temple offerings ten years ago.In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Kroizer said, “last Wednesday I wanted […]

The Jewish people are here to stay

With the month of Adar II just around the corner, this Shabbat is the first of the four “special Sabbaths” that precede Passover, featuring a special Torah reading.   This Sabbath is “Shabbat Shekalim,” commemorating the half-shekel donation to the Temple that was given by all of Israel at this time of year.   This […]

Glick on Temple Mount after assassination attempt

Yehuda Glick, the head of the Temple Mount Faithful group, went up to the Temple Mount this morning (Tuesday).   This is his first visit to the site since a member of Islamic Jihad tried to assassinate him in October 2014.   Last week, a court acquitted Glick of assault and removed his ban from […]

Temple Mount cameras wont include mosques

A Jordanian team arrived in Israel on Sunday, with the goal of installing surveillance cameras on the Temple Mount in the coming days, Jordanian Waqf Minister Hail Daoud told Jordanian media.The Jordanian Minister said that technical teams have already arrived at the Temple Mount in order to carry out technical and operational testing and determine […]

The Temple Mount | Prophecy Update

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Jordan to form judicial committee to ‘inspect Israel’s violations’ at Temple Mount

Jordan has been selected to establish an international judicial committee to inspect Israel’s “violations” on the Temple Mount, the Amman-based daily Al-Rai reported on Sunday.   This role was assigned to Jordan, which is recognized by many as the custodian of the holy places in Jerusalem, during a conference that took place recently in Egypt, […]