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PMO to Jordan on Temple Mount: Jerusalem is acting responsibly, and Amman knows that

One day after 13 Jews were removed from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount for illegally praying at the contested holy site, the Jordanian government on Monday warned Israel of “serious consequences” if the area’s delicate status quo is breached.   Sunday morning’s impasse was further exacerbated when a group of Muslims was also removed from the compound […]

VIDEO: Muslim worshipers attack Jews trying to pray on Temple Mount

Video footage from Arab television emerged on Tuesday showing Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount attack a small group of Jews who ascended to the holy site and attempted to pray.   Israeli authorities on Tuesday evicted eight Jewish visitors from the Temple Mount complex in response to what security forces said was inappropriate behavior […]

Jordan: Stop Jews from visiting Temple Mount or face consequences

The Jordanian government warned on Monday that there would be “serious consequences” if Israel continues to allow Jews to ascend the Temple Mount following a busy Sunday in which over 100 Israeli Jews visited the holy site in honor of the first of the intermediary days of Passover, Israel Radio reported.   Amman’s government spokesperson […]

Jews arrested for trying to sacrifice on Mount

Israel Police arrested two Israeli Jews in Jerusalem on Friday morning, as they carried a young goat up to the Temple Mount.   They were arrested on account of “behavior which was bound to break the peace,” Police said in a statement.   Shortly thereafter, the police also found another young goat tied to a […]

Israel says it still wants Temple Mount cameras after Jordan reneges

Israel remains in favor of installing security cameras at the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem, even after Jordan reneged on the project due to Palestinian reservations, a senior official said Tuesday.   “Israel’s support for placing cameras on the Temple Mount remains unchanged. That’s because we believe in transparency,” the Israeli official told AFP on […]

Jordan abandons plan to install cameras on Temple Mount

Following fierce Palestinian protests and threats, Jordan said on Monday that it has abandoned its plan to install security cameras on the Temple Mount.   The decision was announced by Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour.   The security cameras were supposed to be installed on the Temple Mount in accordance with an agreement reached late last year […]

Jerusalem Post Editorial: UNESCO fiasco

When Palestinians, Muslims, anti-Semites or, for that matter, The New York Times, question whether a Jewish temple ever stood on the Temple Mount, the motivation is political, not the pursuit of archeological fact.   The underlying assumption is that if Jews’ ties to Jerusalem and to the Temple can be denied or questioned, it serves […]

Temple Institute claims it held secret Jewish wedding on Temple Mount

The Temple Institute, an organization whose self-declared goal is to “establish the Third Temple,” claimed on Tuesday evening that it held a secret Jewish wedding on the Temple Mount in what could reignite hostilities at the sensitive holy site and elsewhere.   A post on the Temple Institute’s Facebook page claims that Rabbi Chaim Richman, […]

Eligible kohanim wanted

The Temple Institute on Monday announced a new initiative to identify, select and register kohanim who would be eligible to prepare the Red Heifer, as part of reinstating worship at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem when it is rebuilt.   In launching the registration program, the Temple Institute is moving to the second stage of its […]

Jordan to ‘reveal Israeli Temple Mount violations’

Jordan said on Sunday it will set up security cameras on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, in the coming days to monitor any Israeli “violations” – namely any attempts by Jews to pray at the site in defiance of the discriminatory ban.   The announcement confirms fears that the cameras, originally agreed to by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on […]