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Tehran expected to invoke defense pact for large-scale troop deployment to Syria

Thursday, June 4, reliable sources in Tehran expected the Iranian government to invoke its 2006 mutual defense pact with Syria “in the coming hours” for the transfer of Iranian troops to Syria – most likely by air. This was reported by DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources. It would be Tehran’s first direct military intervention […]

Syria situation disintegrating

The senior IDF official said Hezbollah has increased the number of troops it has in Syria from some 5,000 to about 6,000-8,000 fighters. According to credible reports, over a 100 fighters were killed over the past two weeks, and were buried in secret in Lebanon. Reports on the total number of Hezbollah casualties in Syria […]

US-led coalition to meet on IS as suicide bomb kills 37

US-led coalition members carrying out air raids against the Islamic State group were preparing to meet on Tuesday after a huge suicide bomb against an Iraqi police base killed at least 37 people.   The blast, which further slowed an operation to retake the city of Ramadi, came ahead of the Paris talks which will […]

Leader of Syrian al-Qaida wing says aiming to take Damascus

The leader of al-Qaida’s Syria wing Nusra Front said his group was aiming to capture Damascus and the fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad would happen quickly.   Nusra Front has made gains in northwestern Syria alongside other insurgents in recent weeks, seizing the city of Idlib in March and the town of Jisr al-Shughour […]

IS ‘driven from Assyrian villages’

Islamic State fighters have been driven out of Assyrian Christian villages in Syria that they seized in February, activists say. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Kurdish fighters had retaken the villages along the Khabur river in north-eastern Syria. But one Assyrian group said government forces drove the IS fighters out. Also on […]

ISIS Conquers Last Syrian Border Crossing to Iraq

The brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terror group has seized the last of the border crossings between Syria and Iraq held by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.   Regime forces were left with no choice but to retreat from the border crossing known as al-Tanf in Syria and […]

Western allies split on action against Isil

The Western alliance was split on Thursday night in response to Isil’s latest victories in Iraq and Syria, with President François Hollande of France calling for action while President Barack Obama said he would not change tack and send in US troops. Mr Hollande was asked about Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s capture […]

Islamic State seizes more than half of Syria

The Islamic State has seized more than half of Syria after taking full control of the town of Palmyra and its ancient ruins, activists said Thursday.   The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the extremists had seized more than 36,000 square miles of the country and had also taken control of “the vast […]

ISIS now controls a supply route from Syria’s largest city to Iraq’s capital

ISIS is not strong enough to go after Baghdad. However, the main concern is that the militant group would use the city as a staging point to muster their forces and plan out deadly attacks that could inflict high levels of casualties.   “This is a very big threat to Baghdad. If [ISIS] controls Ramadi […]

Hezbollah hiding 100,000 missiles that can hit north, army says

Most of the weapons have been transferred to Lebanon through war-torn Syria, coming from Hezbollah’s key allies, the Syrian government and Iran, he said.   The official showed reporters satellite photos of what Israeli intelligence believes are Hezbollah positions in dozens of Shiite villages in southern Lebanon.   The photos were marked with dozens of […]