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South Korea turns off propaganda after North expresses ‘regret’ for mine attack

After 40-plus-hours of talks, North and South Korea on Tuesday pulled back from the brink with an accord that allows both sides to save face and, for the moment, avert the bloodshed they’ve been threatening each other with for weeks.’   In a carefully crafted, though vague, piece of diplomacy, Pyongyang expressed “regret” that two […]

North, South Korea exchange artillery fire across border

South Korea fired dozens of shells Thursday at rival North Korea after the North lobbed a single rocket at a South Korean town near the world’s most heavily armed border, the South’s Defense Ministry said.   The North was backing up an earlier threat to attack South Korean border loudspeakers that, after a lull of […]

US and Japan pushing for defense minister meeting with South Korea

The US and Japan, which recently strengthened their alliance into a “global” framework, are now planning to request a trilateral defense ministers‘ meeting with South Korea at May’s Asian Security Summit (Shangri-La Dialogue) in Singapore. With this, Seoul is now finding itself rapidly drawn into the US-Japan alliance’s strategic decision to present a military counterweight […]

North Korea Threatens To Attack U.S. With Nuclear Power Over Continuing Military Drills With South Korea

North Korea reiterated Friday its threat to attack the U.S. with nuclear force, should the country believe joint military exercises by the U.S. and South Korea put Pyongyang’s security at risk. North Korea’s latest warning came about a week after its previous one July 29, when it said it would attack the White House and […]

Globalization, here we come!

The pace of globalization has been given a further spurt by Sol Sanders It is obvious that the fall-out of the U.S. financial crisis, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world will be enormous and unfathomable for months to come as the debris is sorted out. But one effect already seems to be clear […]