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Skepticism and Support in South Korea as Ban Ki-moon Weighs Presidential Bid

HAENGCHI VILLAGE, South Korea — Each day hundreds of visitors, many with young children, make a pilgrimage to Haengchi Village, where Ban Ki-moon was born 72 years ago. They wander through a replica of Mr. Ban’s old thatched-roof house. They learn about his personal journey to the United Nations, where he was secretary general for […]

South Korea’s Park denies following cult as scandal continues

The South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, has publicly denied falling victim to a religious cult as scandal threatens to engulf her leadership. Appearing close to tears in a televised address, she apologised for allowing a long-standing friend inappropriate access to government policy-making. She agreed to be questioned over the scandal but did not offer to […]

South Korean president can be investigated, says PM-designate

South Korea’s president can be investigated in a corruption scandal involving her longtime friend, the prime minister-designate has said. Kim Byong-joon’s comments came as opposition politicians and activists intensified their demands for prosecutors to investigate Park Geun-hye’s role in the scandal, which has plunged the country into political turmoil. One recent opinion poll had Park’s […]

New Test of North Korean Missile Fails, South Says

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile, but the test failed as the projectile exploded shortly after liftoff, the South Korean military said on Sunday.   The North’s Hwasong-10 missile, also known as the Musudan, took off at 12:33 p.m. on Saturday near an airfield in the northwestern city of Kusong, […]

US, South Korean navies stage show of force against North Korea

The U.S. and South Korean navies joined in a show of force against North Korea on Monday, the third such demonstration in as many weeks following Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test.   “This operation showcases the unwavering strength and resolve of the U.S. and ROK [Republic of Korea] navies,” Rear Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of U.S. […]

South Korea, US to simulate attack on nuclear facility

South Korea and the United States will conduct a mock attack on a nuclear facility next month, an official with the South Korean Defense Department told CNN.   Though the official said the drills are not aimed particularly at North Korea, the announcement comes less than two weeks after North Korea claimed to have successfully […]

South Korea prepares for ‘worst case scenario’ with North Korea

South Korea is “getting ready for the worst case scenario,” the country’s Defense Ministry said Monday, after North Korea claimed last week to have tested a nuclear warhead.   World leaders have lined up to condemn the blast, which was North Korea’s second this year and likely it’s most powerful to date. South Korea believes […]

North Korea Ready For Another Nuclear Test, South Korea Says | Huffington Post

North Korea is ready to conduct an additional nuclear test at any time, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said on Monday, three days after the reclusive North’s fifth test drew widespread condemnation.   Pyongyang set off its most powerful nuclear blast to date on Friday, saying it had mastered the ability to mount a warhead on […]

Kim Jong-Un stresses need to bolster nuclear arms:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un called on his military to continue building up Pyongyang’s nuclear force after issuing orders for the latest test-firing of ballistic missiles, the North’s state media said Tuesday.   The isolated communist state test-fired three missiles into the sea Monday, South Korea said, in a new show of force as world […]

Kim Jong-Un executes vice premier for ‘disrespectful’ sitting position at meeting, South Korea says

SEOUL — North Korea has executed a vice-premier and banished two other top officials to rural areas for re-education, South Korean officials said Wednesday.   If confirmed, they would be the latest in a series of killings, purges and dismissals carried out since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took power in late 2011.   […]