The 6th Trumpet Could Sound Anytime

   Many folks teach the seven trumpets…


     Today is the 33rd anniversary…

The 7 Trumpets

There are three groups of seven found in the Book of Revelation: seven seals, seven trumpets and seven vials. These make up the skeletal structure of the Book of Revelation.

The 4th Trumpet


What Exactly is the 4th Trumpet and How Did it Take Place?

By Irvin Baxter

Question:  Allen from New Zealand called to ask Irvin about the 4th Trumpet. He wanted to know exactly what does the Bible say about it and he also wanted an explanation of how this trumpet took place.
seven trumpets

Revelation: The Seven Trumpets and When They Shall Sound

Five of the seven trumpets that signify the end of the age have…

The First Trumpet

David from Vermont asked how to reconcile some things like the first trumpet where it states that all the green grass was burned up. However, the scorched earth policy doesn’t literally mean burning up the entire earth. How do you tie the two together?

Letters to The Editor Jan/Feb 2012

Bible Prophecy Questions What are the seals, trumpets and vials…

Chernobyl – Third Trumpet of Revelation?

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear…

Saddam Hussein in the Bible

The name Saddam is in the Bible. There are seven trumpets that…

Chernobyl Shuts Down

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant closed on Friday, December…