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To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath

Purchase To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath by Irvin Baxter HD Video Download – $14.99 SD Video Download – $9.99 DVD Video – $20.00 Audio Download – $4.99 Audio CD – $7.00 The Sabbath Our subject today is “To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath”. There are so many different opinions. And both sides to this question hold their opinions sincerely. Many people believe that we should still keep the sabbath exactly like they […]

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? By David K. Bernard Excerpted from David K. Bernard, The Apostolic Life (Hazelwood, MO; Word Aflame Press, © 2006). Used by permission.) Click here to purchase the entire book or visit www.pentecostalpublishing.com for other resources from Dr. Bernard.   Groups such as the Seventh-Day Adventists have raised many questions about the Sabbath in the minds of […]