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What to Expect in 2015

PROPHETIC FULFILLMENTS POSSIBLE FOR 2015 by Irvin Baxter   In order to consider what prophetic fulfillments are likely for 2015, we need to understand the major prophecies that will come to pass between now and the Second Coming of Jesus. This is because many prophecies are fulfilled incrementally and over a period of several years. […]

Germany Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Fall of Berlin Wall

BERLIN—White balloons spanning a stretch of the former death strip floated over hundreds of thousands of revelers in the German capital on Sunday, culminating a day of celebrations to mark 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Read More: Germany Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Fall of Berlin Wall – WSJ – WSJ.

Netanyahu: It’s Time That the World Condemn Abbas

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday night strongly condemned Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who sent a letter of support to the family of the terrorist who shot Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick.   “When we are trying to calm the situation, Abu Mazen sends condolences over the death of one who tried to perpetrate […]

Hagel questions U.S. role in ‘new world order’

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was quoted Wednesday stating the world is experiencing “historic, defining times” that will result in a “new world order,” while questioning America’s role in the emerging world. Read More: Hagel questions U.S. role in ‘new world order’.

Hagel: ‘I Think We Are Seeing a New World Order’

Wednesday at the Aspen Institute’s “Washington Ideas Forum,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said we are living through, “historic, defining times,” that will result in a, “new world order.” Read More: Hagel: ‘I Think We Are Seeing a New World Order’.

Chuck Hagel and the Rise of the Beast

U.S. Secretary of Defense Joins Dignitaries Heralding the New World Order  By Rick Brinegar   Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has joined the ranks of many other world leaders who have officially announced the beginnings of the New World Order. At Aspen Institute’s “Washington Ideas Forum,” Hagel said that we live in “historic, defining times.” He […]

Merging Into a New World Order

With all of the alleged points of conflict — Ukraine, Syria, Cuba, Iran, and more — between Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and the West, the notion that Russia and its allies may someday “merge” or “converge” with the United States might sound ludicrous. Still, as we shall show, that is the ultimate plan, and it […]

China is trying to build a new world order, starting in Asia

THE clue is in the name. The Shanghai Co-operation Organisation SCO groups six countries—China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan—and aims to be the dominant security institution in its region; but its origin and purposes are largely Chinese. So it looks rather worrying from a Western point of view that the group has agreed to […]

USAPP – Globalisation has created substantial benefits, but global governance must evolve…

The fall of the Berlin and other political walls over the past 25 years, together with the development of the internet over the same period, have led to many of humanity’s greatest achievements. These include the spreading of democracy to over 60 countries, significant reductions in poverty and increases in life expectancy, and improved access […]

U.S. Forms Anti-ISIS Coalition at NATO Summit

Secretary of State John Kerry urged France, UK, and others to support the fight against the Islamist group in Iraq Read More: U.S. Forms Anti-ISIS Coalition at NATO Summit | TIME.