Syria army in ‘vast offensive’ backed by Russian strikes

NATO head sees ‘troubling escalation’ of Russian activity as Moscow synchronizes moves with Syrian regime   Syria’s army announced Thursday a “vast offensive” to wrest back territory from armed opposition groups, as NATO voiced alarm at escalating Russian military activity in the war-torn country.   Moscow has dramatically stepped up its nine-day-old air war against […]

Russia has ‘substantial’ number of troops inside Syria, says Nato secretary-general

Russia has built up a “substantial” military presence including ground troops in Syria, according to the Nato secretary-general.   Jens Stoltenberg told journalists that Vladimir Putin’s forces have not mainly been targeting Isis, but other opposition groups.   “I will not go into any specific numbers but I can confirm that we have seen the […]

NATO head says Russia’s Turkey air violations ‘not an accident’

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday that Russian violations of Turkish airspace were “not an accident” after Turkey complained of two incursions by Moscow’s jets.   “For us, this does not look like an accident, it is a serious violation,” Stoltenberg told reporters at NATO headquarters in Brussels ahead of a meeting of the […]

US, NATO Leery of Russian Actions in Syria

U.S. suspicions about Russian activity in Syria are not confined to Syria’s borders. Officials in Washington are concerned the moves could be part of a broader strategy by Moscow to extend its influence, while at the same time acting as a counterbalance to the United States in the Middle East.   U.S. officials are investigating […]

Amid NATO Tension, Russian Army Held 79 Drills In August

Such large-scale military drills have become more common as tensions between Russia and NATO have increased after the country’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and its purported involvement in the conflict in Ukraine between pro-Russia separatists and the Ukrainian government that has killed at least 6,400 people.   Russia recently finished exercises with China that […]

Report: War Between Russia, NATO Almost Broke Out 66 Times in Past Year

“The situation is ripe with potential for either dangerous miscalculation or an accident that could trigger a worsening of the crisis or even a direct military confrontation,” stated the European Leadership Network.   This group of 14 people, which include “former Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov, ex-German defense minister Volker Ruehe and colleagues from Britain, […]

Will NATO and Turkey act before IS reaches Europe?

Regarding Turkey: The Islamic State imports and exports products through Turkey. The exports are of oil, the group’s main revenue source. The imports are of fighters and volunteers lured from all over the world, through Turkey. In a move that’s nothing short of amazing, Turkey, a member of NATO, is openly assisting the sown enemy […]

Russia and Nato ‘actively preparing for war’

The report outlines how both Nato and Russia have primed their forces to respond to an escalation since the Ukraine crisis erupted in early 2014. The preparations include major military exercises by both Russia and Nato that appear designed exclusively to respond to one another’s capabilities and potential war plans. ”Whilst spokespeople may maintain that […]

NATO: We stand with Turkey against ‘terrorism’

NATO vowed strong support for Turkey’s fight against “terrorism” at an emergency meeting Tuesday called to discuss Ankara’s strikes against Islamic State fighters and Kurdish rebels.   The rare talks came as an uncompromising President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara could not continue its peace process with the Kurds amid fresh attacks on Turkish targets. […]

IS conflict: Nato discusses Turkey-Syria border crisis

Turkey was until recently a reluctant partner in the US coalition against IS, but over the past few days it has bombed IS and Kurdish positions. Turkey is also backing plans for a buffer zone on the border with Syria. Turkey’s prime minister said he expects his country’s allies to show solidarity and support for […]