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‘Internet of Things’ brings new security problems

The rise of the internet of things is the greatest emerging threat in cyber security, according to world-renowned industry expert Mikko Hypponen. Mr Hypponen said it’s much harder to protect household appliances because you can’t install a security product like Norton Anti-Virus on them. “If something is described as ‘smart’ what you should be hearing […]


How we pay for goods and services, and how we access cash are changing rapidly with rural consequences, finds Brian Wilson. The continuing closure of bank branches, along with recent evidence about the loss of cash machines (ATMs), is building into a significant news story about access to cash.  It is one that has implications […]

Maine Gets Another Extension on Compliance With Real ID

Airlines and federal facilities will accept Maine driver’s licenses through October 2020. Maine’s secretary of state says the Department of Homeland Security has issued Maine another waiver for compliance with the Real ID Act. The federal Real ID law was passed by Congress after the 2001 terrorist attacks to strengthen rules for government-sanctioned identification. It […]

The Future of Credit-Card ID Verification

As companies change how they verify identities, Europe offers a glimpse of what’s to come Credit-card companies, banks and vendors are changing how they verify consumers’ identities. Passwords and PINs could become less important. Biometric analysis could become the norm. The proving ground for the latest in payment technology is Europe, where a new law […]

Standard licenses still most popular at RMV, not Real ID

More than four months after the state started issuing driver’s licenses that comply with the federal Real ID security law, the standard license continues to be the most popular service option for customers at Registry of Motor Vehicles locations, according to data presented Monday. For customers who get their licenses at AAA locations instead of […]

Researchers develop biometric tool for newborn fingerprinting

Researchers at the University of California San Diego say they have dramatically advanced the science of biometric identification, creating a novel technology that can capture the fingerprints of infants and children, even on the first day of birth. “We think we’ve solved the problem of infant identification for both developed and developing countries,” said Eliah […]

Takeaways from Bruce Schneier’s new book

FIX THE INTERNET BEFORE IT FIXES US — Technologist Bruce Schneier is out with his latest book and his most alarming title yet: “Click Here to Kill Everybody.” In fact, it’s one of the most ominous in the entire cybersecurity canon. Even in his introduction, Schneier admits to hyperbole, yet writes the title isn’t without […]

Bringing the Internet of Things to healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become industry-agnostic jargon to describe how technology is currently being embedded in multiple markets, including healthcare, and evolving the way in which business is conducted. The IoT has evolved the way stakeholders currently interact with and will continue to streamline the processes involved in frontline healthcare work.The IoT is […]

Fazoli’s Restaurant Chain Adopts Crossmatch’s Fingerprint Biometrics at the POS

A major US restaurant chain has embraced biometrics for employee management: Crossmatch has announced that Fazoli’s Restaurants is now using its U.are.U fingerprint readers at 200 locations across 26 states. The fingerprint recognition technology has been implemented at the Point of Sale, replacing its previous PIN-based authentication system. Staff are now using the biometric technology […]

National I.D. boosts bid to meet sustainable development goals

INSTITUTIONALIZING identification systems will help countries like the Philippines meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to an expert from the World Bank.   In a World Bank Blog, Samia Melhem, the global lead for the Digital Development Community of Practice at the World Bank, said Peru is one of the countries that have had […]