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Homeland Security app: ‘See something, send something’

Ohio Homeland Security officials are asking smartphone users to “see something, send something” with the release of an app to forward reports and photos of suspicious activity. Read More: Homeland Security app: ‘See something, send something’ – Tea Party.

Social Security cards and national ID: Still a bad idea

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2014 — When the Social Security Act was first passed in 1935, a major objection was that the Social Security card would become a national ID card. For decades, the Social Security card issued to every American had emblazoned on it the words, “not for identification purposes.” Read More: Social Security cards […]

Everything you need to know about Bill Clinton’s Social Security ID card proposal.

On Wednesday at the Civil Rights Summit in Austin, Texas, former President Bill Clinton mentioned the possibility of turning Social Security cards into photo IDs as a way of counteracting voter suppression. It sparked immediate reaction from the left and the right — it’s the thread of an idea that has provoked controversy many times […]

Is the end of Social Security numbers at hand?

We’ve all been warned not to use the same password for email, Facebook, and Amazon. But that is exactly what every American does when it comes to our financial lives. We rely on the same nine-digit password for everything from loans to taxes: Social Security numbers. Read More: Is the end of Social Security numbers […]

This E-Tattoo Uses Conventional Chips, No Nanotech Required

So far, there have been a few things holding back the wide implementation of skin-thin e-tattoos: It’s hard to power them, it’s hard to store data, and they’re expensive to make, as nanomaterials don’t come cheap. So a team of researchers just said to hell with it and made one that uses off-the-shelf, mass produced chips […]


Battling food shortages, the government is rolling out a new ID system that is either a grocery loyalty card with extra muscle or the most dramatic step yet toward rationing in Venezuela, depending on who is describing it. Read More: News Source No Longer Available — Continue to Endtime ».

The Joys of Socialism! No ID Card – No Food in Venezuela

The Joys of Socialism! No ID Card – No Food in Venezuela

Amazing Technology or Satanic Marking?

As technology continues to advance, new radio frequency identification device chips are being used and even implanted inside of people to make life easier. However, some biblical end-time believers have warned against the technology and claimed this chip could be the beginning of the implementation of the Mark of the Beast, which is spoken of […]

Barack Obama to meet again with tech CEOs about NSA

Top executives from Facebook, Google and other tech giants will huddle Friday with President Barack Obama — a meeting, according to one White House official, that will focus on the “issues of privacy, technology, and intelligence.” Read More: Barack Obama to meet again with tech CEOs about NSA – Tony Romm – POLITICO.com.

RFID Implants: The Benefits vs. the Dangers

Frank Swain, a British freelance writer, recently wrote an essay published online by the BBC Future Science website entitled: “Why I want a microchip implant.” Like upwards of 10 million Londoners, Swain uses his Oyster card — a credit card-sized smartcard that contains an embedded RFID chip — to pay his fare on public transit […]