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Use of database of driver’s license photos raises questions

Arizona routinely uses facial-recognition software to scan photos of driver’s license applicants to detect identity fraud. The technology is also for other law enforcement purposes, but that is not explicitly disclosed to applicants – a practice that raises eyebrows among some privacy advocates and experts.   Source: Use of database of driver’s license photos raises […]

Could the smart city mean the death of privacy?

As the Internet of Things grows and society becomes more interconnected, millions of citizens are beginning to experience a new kind of lifestyle in smart cities. These futuristic, digitally-dependent cities aren’t entirely without their downsides, however; human rights activist, futurist, and private citizens are increasingly concerned that the advent of smart cities could mean the […]

Yoti aims to provide everyone with a biometric digital identity that works via a smartphone app

Yoti, a British start-up, is trying to establish a global identity system that protects users from both identity theft and having their data collected and exploited. All personal data remains within the Yoti ecosystem, where different elements – name, gender, date of birth etc – are encrypted and stored separately. Only the individual user can […]

Life without cash

As digital innovations continue to transform the way we live, a lot of things we once took for granted are falling by the wayside. Paper money and coins could soon be among them.The use of digital payments in all forms is fast becoming commonplace. A cashless society, once considered remote if not unimaginable, is now […]

Coming soon: A selfie with your credit card application

The selfie is everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and soon your bank could be asking for one in order to approve your purchase or credit card application.Payment processing giant Visa Inc. is launching a platform to allow banks to integrate various types of biometrics – your fingerprint, face, voice, etc. – into approving credit […]

Authentication now comes with a wave of your hand

Two former Leap Motion employees think they’ve solved the perennial problem of passwords and identity management.   Under the nom de guerre of Redrock Biometrics, the company’s technology is waging war on the world’s legions of identification cards, pin numbers, passwords, and voice identification technologies with a combination of off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software to […]

Is It Time to Say So Long to Social Security Numbers?

The Trump administration is exploring ways to replace the use of Social Security numbers as the main method of assuring people’s identities in the wake of consumer credit agency Equifax Inc.’s massive data breach.The administration has called on federal departments and agencies to look into the vulnerabilities of employing the identifier tied to retirement benefits, […]

China is living the future of mobile pay right now

Mobile pay is taking China by storm and changing daily commerce.The transformation of a society limited to bills denominated in 100 yuan ($15) or less into one where QR payment codes abound was by far the biggest change in mainland China since my last visit four years ago.When eating out or shopping with local friends, […]

Rise of the machines in the fight against cybercrime

It’s no secret that incidences of fraud are increasing, with the Government reporting that it is now one of the most prominent crimes in the UK. Our Fraud & Risk report found that in 2016, two-thirds (65%) of large organisations detected a cybersecurity breach. In addition, the biggest concern cited by UK businesses in our […]

Should We Move to a Mostly Cashless Society?

The role of cash in the U.S. economy is shrinking, thanks to technology that allows for so many other ways to pay for things.American consumers used cash in 32% of all retail transactions in 2015, down from 40% in 2012, according to the Federal Reserve’s most recent survey of payment choices.Cash accounted for just 9% […]