Transhysteria: Norway to Launch Bill Allowing 6-Year-Olds to Change Gender

We’re not sure how the migrant hordes of Oslo will feel about this one.   A new proposed bill in Norway, lauded as one of the “most liberal in the world,” loosens restrictions on people seeking to officially change their gender. Disturbingly, the law would also apply to minors as young as six. Worse than that, if a parent objects […]

Target Backlash Over Transgender Bathroom Policy Hits ‘Boiling Point,’ Business Insider Says

A view of a Target store in Lindsay, Ontario January 15, 2015. Target Corp will abandon its ill-fated expansion into Canada less than two years after launch, the U.S. discount retailer said on Thursday, in a surprise retreat that will put more than 17,000 employees out of work and cost it billions. The company is […]

Princeton Professor: Transgenderism Is Superstitious, Absurd

On Friday, the Obama administration sent letters to every public school district in the country, urging them to allow students to use whatever bathroom and locker rooms they prefer. (RELATED: Obama Decrees All Public Schools Must Allow Transgender Bathroom Use)   Read More: Princeton Professor: Transgenderism Is Superstitious, Absurd | The Daily Caller

5 States So Far Looking to Fight Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Edict

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) listens to Attorney General Loretta Lynch (R) before the awards ceremony for the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor in the White House East Room in Washington, U.S., May 16, 2016.   At least five states have so far indicated they will contest an Obama administration directive sent to all […]

President Erdogan criticises West for prioritising gay and animal rights over refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lambasted Western countries, claiming they care more about gay and animal rights than the fate of Syrian refugees.   Speaking at a ceremony in north-west Turkey on Friday, Mr Erdogan accused the West of possessing a mindset “remnant of slavery and colonialism”.   Mr Erdogan said: “Shame on those […]

Anti-LGBT views still prevail, global survey finds

Two-thirds of adults would be upset if their child told them that they were in love with someone of the same sex according to a survey of 96,000 people in 53 UN member states.   The survey (pdf), which was conducted by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) found that regional […]

Next U.S. president to be decided in bathroom

President Obama’s bathroom “obsession” now has spread into the 2016 presidential race, which offers a clear choice on whether gender-segregated public school restrooms and facilities must be open to students based on their “gender identity.”   It was the Washington Post that reported likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton favors the order Obama issued to […]

Norway set to make changing gender easier with ‘breakthrough’ bill

People who want to change gender in Norway may no longer be required to undergo any surgery or physical transformation if a ground-breaking healthcare bill gets the go-ahead.   Since the 1970s, gaining official gender reassignment in Norway has involved psychiatric exams, hormone treatment and surgery resulting in irreversible sterilisations.   But Norway’s health ministry has now […]

Disagreements slow Pentagon’s plan to allow transgender service members

Months before Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the Pentagon would take steps toward allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military, Army Staff Sgt. Patricia King last year became what she believes is the first openly transgender member of the infantry.   While official Pentagon policy still forbids openly transgender personnel, her commanders have […]

North Carolina, Texas Reject Obama’s “Transgender” Directive

In the immediate wake of the Obama administration’s letter to school administrators Friday dictating “transgender” policy, at least two states have already issued statements saying they will not comply. The Texas statement, issued by the lieutenant governor, called the administration’s directive “blackmail,” while the North Carolina statement, also issued by the lieutenant governor, called it […]