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North Korea Conducts Artillery Firing at Kim’s Order

North Korean troops performed artillery drills near the disputed sea boundary with South Korea at the order of leader Kim Jong Un, state media reported Monday, drawing an immediate rebuke from the South amid stalled nuclear talks. The North’s Korean Central News Agency said that the firing happened when Kim inspected a military unit on […]

Abbas Wishes Kim Jong-Un Health, Happiness Amid Nuclear Threats

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday wished North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un “health and happiness” to mark the country’s “Liberation Day,” amid threats from the dictator to fire missiles at the U.S. territory of Guam.“The Korean people offered the most precious sacrifices for their freedom and dignity,” Abbas said in a telegram to Kim, […]

North Korea ‘would hold talks’ with Trump administration

North Korea has said it will hold talks with the US “if the conditions were right”, South Korean media reports. A senior North Korean diplomat said dialogue with the Trump administration was possible following a meeting with ex-US government officials in Norway. Earlier this month US President Donald Trump said he would be “honoured” to […]

Kim Jong-un and Bashar al-Assad exchanging emotional emails

North Korea’s state media reported the pair have been exchanging correspondence – a development sure to set alarm bells ringing from Washington to Seoul. A news article in a recent Pyongyang-based newspaper claimed Assad, who is believed to have orchestrated chemical attacks against children during Syria’s civil war, “highly appreciated” Kim Jong-un. And another article […]

North Korea accuses CIA of biochemical plot to kill Kim Jong-un

North Korea has accused the CIA of attempting to assassinate its leader, Kim Jong-un, using unspecified biochemical substances during a public ceremonial event in the capital, Pyongyang. The ministry of state security issued a statement claiming the US intelligence agency had bribed a North Korean citizen, named only as Kim, to carry out the plot. […]

Trump: ‘I Would Be Honored’ to Meet With N. Korean Dictator

In an interview with CBS on Sunday, President Trump called North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a “smart cookie.” Then on Monday, Trump said he would be “honored” to meet with Kim. “If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely — I would be honored to do it. If it’s […]

North Korea launches salvo of rhetoric, threatening nuclear test ‘at any time’

North Korea has vowed to accelerate its nuclear weapons programme to “maximum pace” and test a nuclear device “at any time” in response to Donald Trump’s aggressive stance towards the regime. The warning came as US military officials said a controversial missile defence system was now “operational” after being installed at a site in South […]

Trump: North Korean Leader ‘A Pretty Smart Cookie’

President Donald Trump is not ruling out military action against North Korea if it tests a nuclear missile. At the same time, he’s giving North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un credit for being a “pretty smart cookie.” “What do you make of the North Korean leader?” John Dickerson, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” asked President […]

Kim Jong-Un’s army fires rockets at mock enemy warships

Kim Jong-Un’s army readied for war as they fired rockets and torpedoes at mock enemy warships during North Korea’s ‘largest ever’ live-fire artillery drills on Tuesday. Hundreds of tanks were lined up along the eastern coastal town of Wonsan in a show of military strength to celebrate 85 years since the North Korean army was […]

North Korea news: Kim Jong-un’s secret SUBMARINE threat as he preps nuclear attack plan

While North Korea is still struggling to develop nuclear-headed airborne missiles, it is fast increasing its underwater military power. The country possess numerous submarines, which it has used with devastating effect in the past, with fears they are now being adapted to fire nuclear weapons. Even more worrying is the submarines’ ability to ‘disappear’ and […]