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Jordan king warns Israel over Al-Aqsa violence

A second consecutive day of violence at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site prompted a rare warning Monday from the king of Jordan, the custodian of the ancient sites. The holy site is a frequent flashpoint and its fate is a core issue at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Earlier Monday, Israeli police and Palestinian […]

Jordan king warns Israel over Jerusalem holy site violence

JERUSALEM (AP) — A second consecutive day of violence at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site prompted a rare warning Monday from the king of Jordan, the custodian of the ancient sites, while an Israeli man died and several people were injured after attacks by rock-throwing Palestinians.     The holy site is a frequent flashpoint […]

Israeli and Jordanian air force planes spotted flying together

The fleet was on the way to attend Red Flag, a military exercise at Nellis Air Force base in Nevada. The Jerusalem Post reported that for the US Air Force, Red Flag is the “premier air-to-air combat training exercise [that]…often includes both US and allied nations’ combat air forces.”   This undertaking could be another […]

Is Iran seeking to foment chaos in Jordan?

Gaining a foothold in Jordan would give the Iranian-led Shi’ite axis another border from which to target Israel. Iranian-funded proxies are already present in Israel’s North, in Lebanon and Syria, and in Gaza to the south.   Jordanian media reported this week that the country’s security forces had arrested an Iranian operative allegedly planning a […]

House Approves Closer Military Ties with Jordan

American lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation that would ramp up military cooperation with Jordan, including accelerated arms sales to a Middle East ally contending with growing threats from Islamist extremism, AFP reported.   Jordan has become a focal point in the fight against the self-described Islamic State (ISIS) because the Hashemite kingdom borders Syria and […]

Israel Is Building an Anti-ISIS Fence Along Border With Jordan

The fence will be similar to the high-tech barrier that separates Israel and Egypt — a 5-foot-high fence with surveillance cameras, razor wire and electronic detection.   Jordanian security forces currently enforce security along the border, where the existing security fences have been damaged by sandstorms and flooding.   “There is a real threat that […]

Israel approves extending fortified fence on its Jordan border

He said the fence would help protect an Israeli airport due to open next year at Timna, 19 km (12 miles) from Eilat, and which has been billed as a wartime alternative should Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airport come under rocket attack. “This is an important matter. It is part of our national security,” Netanyahu said. […]

Israel, Jordan discreetly foster ties amid regional chaos

A new Jordanian think tank that focuses on Israel is tucked away on the seventh floor of a glass-fronted Amman office building, without a sign announcing the presence of the Center for Israel Studies.   It’s the sort of discretion still customary in Jordan when it comes to anything concerning Israel. Broad segments of Jordanian […]

Jordan and Russia to sign $10b nuclear deal this month

The Jordanian government is set to sign a nuclear agreement with Russia later this month in order to build its first nuclear power plant, Jordanian media reported.   Russian state-owned Rosatom will build two nuclear power plants and the spent nuclear fuel could be sent back to Russia, which is what made the Russian offer […]

Israel, Jordan sign historic plan to save Dead Sea

Bringing an historic deal to fruition, Israeli and Jordanian government officials on Thursday signed a bilateral agreement to exchange water and jointly funnel Red Sea brine to the shrinking Dead Sea.   The agreement, worth some $800 million, is the result of a memorandum of understanding signed among Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian officials on December […]