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Jordanian air force brings down drone near border with Syria

Jordan’s air force brought down a drone that approached the country’s air space near its northern border with Syria on Wednesday night, the Jordanian military said in a statement. F-16 fighter jets brought down the drone after it repeatedly came close to the border, and the air force “gathered the drone’s ruins” for inspection, the […]

In DC, Jordan’s king discusses US embassy in Israel, ISIS, Syria

Jordan’s King Abdullah opened talks at the Pentagon on Monday, the first Arab leader to engage in person the new administration of President Donald Trump. Abdullah held a private breakfast with US Vice President Mike Pence and then met US Defense Secretary James Mattis at the Pentagon. Be the first to know – Join our […]

King of Jordan to visit US

King Abdullah II of Jordan is expected to visit the U.S. on Monday for a formal meeting with lawmakers and government officials, according to the Embassy of Jordan. The director of the Jordan Information Bureau at the Embassy of Jordan in Washington, D.C., Dana Zureikat Daoud, tweeted about the visit on Thursday. Daoud said the king’s […]

Jordan terrorist attack with hostages. 10 killed

Intelligence sources observing the terror attack Sunday, Dec. 18 in the southern Jordanian town of Karakh report that the exchange of gunfire continued into the night after Jordanian forces stormed the Crusader castle where terrorists were holding an unknown number of tourists hostage, and freed some of them. Jordanian cabinet minister Sameeh Maytah said Sunday […]

King of Jordan: Jews taking over Al Aqsa mosque

King Abdullah of Jordan has expressed outrage that 400 Jews visited the site of the two Holy Temples on the Temple Mount yesterday. His statement of fury ignored the simultaneous Moslem provocations and violence.   Yesterday, the 9th day of the month of Av – the date on which both Holy Temples were destroyed some […]

The Palestinians And Jordan Declare Religious War Against The Jews

The Unesco World Heritage Committee is about to do what even in the annals of the UN is unprecedented. It is going to vote on a Palestinian-Jordanian resolution bluntly stating that the Old City of Jerusalem and Temple mount have no historic ties to the Jews, and calling for a return to the old ‘’historic […]

Jordan declares Syria and Iraq borders closed military zones

Jordan has declared its border regions with Syria and Iraq to be closed military zones after a suicide bombing on Tuesday that killed six soldiers. It is not clear who was behind the attack, which was launched from Syrian territory, close to a refugee camp. The Jordanian government said no new refugee camps would be […]

Jordanian troops killed in bomb attack at Syria border

Six Jordanian security personnel have been killed in a suicide truck bomb attack near a makeshift refugee camp on the border with Syria, officials say. The attack took place at about 05:30 (02:30 GMT) in the remote Rukban area. Hours later, Jordan declared its northern and north-eastern borders would become closed military zones. It is […]

U.S. and Russian Jets Clash Over Syria

U.S. and Russian fighter jets bloodlessly tangled in the air over Syria on June 16 as the American pilots tried and failed to stop the Russians from bombing U.S.-backed rebels in southern Syria near the border with Jordan. The aerial close encounter underscores just how chaotic Syria’s skies have become as Russia and the U.S.-led […]

Jordanian parliament speaker: We oppose the peace treaty with Israel

Jordanian House Speaker, Atef Tarawneh, has stated that the Jordanian parliament, which represents the Jordanian people, adamantly disagrees with the government over the peace treaty with Israel.   In an interview with the London-based TV channel Al-Ghad, on Friday, Tarawneh commented about his decision to ban the participation of an Israeli delegation in the 2016 […]