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Kerry planning Mideast visit as US faces pressure to calm violence in Israel

The Obama administration is under pressure to help calm the growing violence in Israel which has some warning of a third intifada, as Israel’s military steps up its response to deadly Palestinian attacks by deploying hundreds of troops.   Amid the unrest, Secretary of State John Kerry just announced plans to visit the region, and […]

Israel authorizes police to ′seal off′ Arab parts of Jerusalem

Netanyahu had called an emergency cabinet session on Tuesday to decide on a course of action after Palestinians had launched a series of attacks against Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country. “Today we will decide on a series of additional aggressive steps in our war against terrorists and inciters,” Netanyahu said in a […]

John Kerry Calls for ‘Calm’ in Jerusalem

US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Israel and the Palestinians on Monday to demonstrate calm after violent clashes in the Old City of Jerusalem, and to “avoid further escalation.”   Kerry was speaking at an event at Chile’s Congress in Valparaiso after Israel banned Palestinians from Jerusalem, as part of measures to ensure the security […]

Kerry: ‘We Have Climate Refugees Today’

“There are people who have to leave where they were living because the drought is so significant they can’t grow food, or they’ve lost their water, or there are fights over wells in certain places and so they have to move in order to find a place. There are climate refugees in the world today […]

Kerry says U.S. hopes to see Russia and Iran be helpful in Syria, support political transition

WASHINGTON –  Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that the Obama administration hopes Russia and Iran will play a positive role in Syria and back a political transition for the country to end the current conflict and blunt the Islamic State group.   Kerry said Russian and Iranian support for Syrian President Bashar Assad […]

John Kerry: Russia’s actions in Syria ‘could provoke a further escalation of the conflict’

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday Russia’s military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could raise the risk of confrontation with coalition forces fighting Islamic State there.   In an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa, Kerry said he had told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the United States was worried by […]

Obama, Kerry Appoint Iran Deal Coordinator

As time ran out for American lawmakers to halt the Iran nuclear deal Thursday, officials in Washington turned their attention to ensuring that Tehran lives up to its side of the bargain, AFP reported.   Senior administration officials said the “ball is in Iran’s court” as it seeks to convince the international community its nuclear […]

Secretary Kerry Will Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty

ATT hands the executive branch the power to work with other governments around the world to shut down portions of the U.S. import firearms market. Such shut downs will be possible by seizing on ambiguous terms and phrases within the ATT–like claiming certain classes of guns are “inappropriate” or claiming others endanger “women and children.” […]

U.S. flag set to fly over Havana on Friday

The United States and Cuba will enter a new phase in their long, tumultuous history Friday when the American flag is raised outside the recently reopened U.S. Embassy along this city’s historic waterfront.U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will oversee the event, which follows a similar flag-raising ceremony outside the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., last […]

Kerry doubles down on Iran deal, says Tehran has not pursued nuke since 2003

Secretary of State John Kerry doubled down on the controversial Iran nuclear deal Tuesday, telling lawmakers that there was not a better deal available to negotiators and that since 2003 Iran has not pursued a nuclear bomb to the best of America’s knowledge.   Speaking in a moderated discussion on the nuclear deal reached with […]