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Lacking a plan, Abbas opts for rhetoric

Abbas has staked his decade-long presidency on the pursuit of an independent Palestinian state through negotiations with Israel. But he seems out of ideas after another failed round of talks that collapsed in April, a war that boosted the popularity of the rival Hamas, and a bumpy attempt to win new recognition at the United […]

EU seeks talks with Israel over ‘red lines’ in West Bank – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News

The European Union is interested in opening negotiations with Israel with the aim of preventing a series of Israeli moves in the West Bank deemed “red lines” which may jeopardize the possibility of a future Palestinian state alongside Israel, an internal EU document obtained by Haaretz reveals. Officials in the Israeli Foreign Ministry are concerned […]

Second extension of nuclear talks with Iran on the table

WASHINGTON – Western governments will reluctantly consider an extension of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program should world powers fail to clinch a comprehensive deal by November 24 – a move Israel would support, sources told The Jerusalem Post this week.   Informal discussion of an extension beyond the self-imposed deadline – the second […]

Ya’alon says Israel worried about Iran deal, slams Turkey’s ‘cynical game’

“The Iranian issue indeed worries us,” said Ya’alon in a Hebrew audio message released by his office after the meeting with Hagel at the Pentagon. “The question of if there will be an agreement and what kind of agreement worries us. I’m talking about that here and behind closed doors we express our concerns.” “We’ve […]

Palestinians Only Want to Destroy Israel

The Palestinians have never been interested in a “Two-State solution,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated Tuesday – but only in hurting Israel.   “Their goal is not to establish a Palestinian state along ’67 borders, but to destroy the Jewish state,” Ya’alon stated, in an interview on PBS. “That is the reason why they have never […]

A Palestinian state can only emerge from negotiations

Last week’s British Parliament vote in favor of recognition of a Palestinian state did not help Israeli-Palestinian peace or the two-state solution one bit. In my eyes, it obstructed them.   Many of my colleagues from the Left have asked me why I called upon British Labor Party members not to support the vote. A […]

UN: Israel must uphold human rights law in its treatment of Palestinians

The United Nations in Geneva on Monday rejected Israel’s claim that a major human rights treaty was not applicable to its treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.   “No, [Israel] is not responsible for those violations that are committed by the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, quite clearly not,” the chairman of the […]

Israel to testify on Gaza before UN in Geneva

Israeli officials are expected to testify before the United Nations in Geneva on Monday with regard to its military activities in Gaza this summer during Operation Protective Edge.   “At this stage it is the only UN forum to which Israel will provide information with regard to Operation Protective Edge,” a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said […]

‘A diplomatic storm is coming in January’

Changes in the makeup of the UN Security Council have made Israel’s diplomatic stance worse and strengthened the Palestinians’ position on the world stage.   During the weekend, five new members were elected to enter the UN Security Council on January 1, 2015, as non-permanent members for two years, while five current non-permanent members will […]

Poll: 3 in 4 Israeli Jews oppose a Palestinian state if it means dividing Jerusalem

“Even as Jerusalem and Washington locked horns earlier this month in a very public spat over construction in Jerusalem, more than three-fourths of the Jewish-Israeli public is opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state if it means dividing Jerusalem, according to a poll released on Sunday…” Read More: Poll: 3 in 4 Israeli Jews […]