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Netanyahu: Livni and Herzog are Frightened Liars

Joining his fellow Likud MKs in disparaging Tzipi Livni’s announcement that she was giving up her rotation agreement with Zionist Union co-chair Yitzhak Herzog, was Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself.   Livni dropped the news bomb Monday night, claiming that maintaing the rotation deal would constitute an obstacle to Herzog forming the next government.   According to Livni, […]

Incitement to Kill Yehuda Glick at Shechem Uni.

Five months after a Muslim terrorist critically wounded Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick in an assassination attempt, Islamist incitement against Glick is continuing apace.   Veteran Israeli journalist Haggai Huberman revealed in the Matzav Haruach magazine how two weeks ago the Islamic Bloc inaugurated a new exhibition on “Jerusalem” at the An-Najah university in Shechem (Nablus). Instead of focusing […]

Benjamin Netanyahu facing election defeat amid Left-wing surge – Telegraph

Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election prospects were looking increasingly grim on Wednesday amid fresh polls showing a strong lead for a buoyant Left-wing opposition and signs of panic in the Israeli prime minister’s own campaign. Less than a week before a general election on March 17, the Zionist Union – an alliance of Isaac Herzog’s Labour party […]

Tzipi Livni says Zionist Union will stop diplomatic tsunami

Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni will be able to protect Israel – on both the Iranian and Palestinian fronts – better than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Livni said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post in Tel Aviv on Thursday.   Livni said Netanyahu tries to present an image as a strong […]

How Christian supporters of Israel should view Israel’s coming elections

One of the most encouraging of recent news stories about Israel has been the well-received address by Prime Minister Netanyahu at the invitation of the United States Congress. The controversial negotiations by the Obama Administration with Iran over that nation’s nuclear energy and weapons program has aroused suspicions of many and alarm in most Middle […]

For Palestinians, Israels election offers bleak horizon

Peace talks broke down in April 2014, after nine months of negotiations led by the United States, with the long-standing goal of a two-state solution – Israel and an independent Palestine side-by-side – no closer. “The two-state solution is no longer on the table,” said Gaza-based political analyst Talal Okal. “Israel is moving towards isolating and confiscating […]

Benjamin Netanyahu is panicking and returning to the rhetoric of fear

Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog said Thursday that in light of the latest polls that put his party several mandates ahead of the Likud, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “displayed severe panic and returned to the rhetoric of fear and threats in recent days.”   A series of internal polls taken this week by the […]

Bennett: Palestinian state will destroy economy

Palestinian state will destroy the Israeli economy, as would a left-wing government, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said Wednesday.   “My brothers on the Left, enough already!” he said at a financial conference sponsored by business newspaper The- Marker in Tel Aviv.   Bennett has argued in the past that any territorial concessions to the Palestinians […]

US ‘counts’ on Israel to be committed to 2-state solution

Pushed on a response to remarks attributed to Netanyahu which seemed to indicate that the creation of a Palestinian state would not be viable in the current Mideast climate, Psaki said: “A lot of things are said during election campaigns. We’ll wait to see the policies of the next Israeli government.”   Psaki refused to […]

Oren: Israel must restrict settlement building, create ‘two-state reality’

The American-born academic-turned-diplomat was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s envoy to the United States for more than four years. But when Oren decided to enter politics, he joined a former Netanyahu minister and began questioning the prime minister’s handling of relations with the Palestinians. Oren is now a key figure in Kulanu, a new centrist party […]