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‘They Cannot Fight Us’

President Barack Obama stressed that the U.S. still has cards to play if the Iran nuclear deal doesn’t work out and insisted his government will ensure nobody “messes” with Israel.   In an interview with the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, Obama defended the controversial pact as part of a broader foreign policy approach, not […]

Netanyahu blasts Iran nuclear deal

Washington (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the agreement between Tehran and world powers as a “bad deal,” as Barack Obama affirmed his support for long-time ally Israel despite differences over the nuclear accord.   An outline deal agreed in Switzerland on Thursday paves the way for Tehran to curtail its nuclear activity […]

Israeli Cabinet Unanimously Rejects Iran Deal

A three-hour long meeting of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his cabinet Friday ended with a unanimous rejection of the “framework deal” with Iran over its nuclear program.   The deal, announced yesterday at a joint conference in Switzerland and widely celebrated as a “victory” in Iran, was quickly lauded by US President Barack Obama as an “historic” […]

Israel slams Palestinians cynical and hypocritical ICC membership

“Israels position, like that of other nations like the US and Canada, is that the Palestinians are not entitled to join the ICC, and that the court does not have the authority to accept them, first and foremost because a Palestinian state is not recognized according to international law,” the foreign ministry said. Israel further slammed […]

‘US-Israel bond as strong as ever’

Arriving in Jerusalem as head of a delegation of lawmakers visiting US allies in the Middle East, Boehner said that, wherever they have been, the “message is the same – you can’t continue to turn your eye away from the threats that face all of us.” Addressing ties with Israel, Boehner said: “The bonds between […]

Anti-Semitic attacks rise significantly in Netherlands

An anti-Semitism watchdog group in the Netherlands said that  incidents involving acts against the Jewish community rose 71 percent last year, adding that some police officers were unwilling to intervene in such matters.   The Hague-based Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, or CIDI, recorded 171 incidents in 2014 compared to 100 in 2013, […]

Palestinians want leverage on Israel in international court

The Palestinians formally joined the International Criminal Court on Wednesday, as part of a broader effort to put international pressure on Israel and exact a higher price for its occupation of lands sought for a Palestinian state.   Beyond seeking war crimes charges against Israel at the court, the Palestinians want the U.N. Security Council […]

‘Unconscionable’ that world talks with Iran as Tehran calls for destruction of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued on Wednesday to rail against the Iranian nuclear deal being negotiated in Lausanne, saying it was outrageous that the world negotiates with Tehran as one of its military leaders says Israel’s destruction is “non-negotiable.”   “Yesterday an Iranian general brazenly declared and I quote: ‘Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable’, but evidently […]

Good Reasons to be Concerned Over Iran

MK Avi Dichter (Likud), who in the past served as head of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), on Tuesday said that Israel has “very good reasons” to be concerned over the impending deal with Iran.   “We have very good reasons to be concerned, and even very concerned,” said Dichter, who spoke to the […]

US raises prospect of Israel UN isolation

A year ago, these questions would have been near unthinkable. Protecting Israel from critical resolutions at the Security Council has long been a central pillar of US Middle East policy.   But so rapid has been the deterioration of relations between the Obama administration and Netanyahu government that America’s protective shield is now up for […]