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Iran agrees to ship uranium to Russia as part of nuclear deal

The agreement, however, does not address an alternative way for the Islamic Republic to obtain a nuclear bomb – the use of the heavy water produced at Iran’s Arak plant to produce plutonium. Despite that, an American official involved in the talks was optimistic about the proposed agreement, saying that “if the Iran-Russia deal works, […]

Talks Monday Despite Hamas’s Jerusalem Attack

Despite the attack by a Hamas terrorist in Jerusalem on Wednesday that murdered a three-month-old baby and wounded eight others, indirect negotiations between the terror group and Israel apparently are to restart next Monday.   The revelation was made Thursday by a leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group, which along with Hamas waged war […]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad salute Jerusalem terror attack

Hamas and Islamic Jihad hailed Wednesday’s terrorist act by an east Jerusalem resident who rammed his car into a crowd of commuters at a light rail station, killing a three-month old infant and injuring seven others.“The attack in Jerusalem is an act of heroism and a natural response to the crimes of the occupation against […]

U.S. threatens sanctions on buyers of ISIS oil

Islamic State wrested a Sunni Muslim village in western Iraq on Thursday from tribal defenders who put up weeks of fierce resistance, and the insurgents tightened a siege of the Yazidi minority on a mountain in the north.   The attacks showed Islamic State’s continued operating resilience despite air strikes by U.S.-led coalition forces aimed […]

Islamic State advances against Yazidis on Iraq’s Mount Sinjar

Islamic State militants advanced on Iraq’s Mount Sinjar on Tuesday, tightening a siege of thousands of stranded Yazidis, who called on the United States and its allies to act to avert more bloodshed.   The attack is the latest threat to minority Yazidis, thousands of whom have been shot, buried alive or sold into slavery […]

Turkey grants passage for Iraqi Kurds to fight Islamic State in Syria

WASHINGTON – Turkey will allow safe passage to militia fighters in Iraqi Kurdistan through its territory into Kobani, a Kurdish border city in Syria under siege by Islamic State, Ankara said on Monday.   The announcement was a significant policy shift by a government that has long been hostile to Kurdish nationalists. Turkey, a member […]

Joining Islamic State has nothing to do with religion

REUTERS – It is easy to look to religion for an explanation of why young men — and some women — become radicalized. But it is psychology, not theology, that offers the best tools for understanding radicalization — and how best to undo it.   The appeal of Islamic State rests on individuals’ quest for […]

Blame Climate Change

Add Ebola and Islamic extremism to the list. Is there anything not caused by climate change? By Rick Brinegar   You name it, whether it’s beached walruses, rising sea levels, mass extinctions, societal collapse, or “thermageddon,” all the bad things you can think of have been caused by man-made climate change, according to the “man-made […]

Austria Passes New Law on Islam

Austria on Thursday called for standardized German-language translations of the Koran and moved to prohibit foreign funding of Muslim organizations on its soil in a draft law aimed in part at tackling Islamic extremism, Reuters reports.   The bill will overhaul a 1912 law governing the status of Austrian Muslims, prompting concern from a major […]

Non-Muslims in Mideast facing ‘Holocaust,’ says France’s chief rabbi

French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia made an urgent plea to Europe to defend non-Muslims in the Middle East, whom he likened to Holocaust victims.   Speaking Sunday at the Grand Synagogue in Paris at a commemoration for Holocaust victims, Korsia cited the Yazidis’ plight in Iraq as an example of a minority group in need […]