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How will new fighting in Iraq affect Trump v Clinton? Probably not much

In any other election year, a massive battle involving US force to seize a city of hundreds of thousands from the Islamic State might affect how voters choose their next president. But 2016, defense analysts and political advisers observing the mid-October campaign for Mosul point out, is no normal election year.   Two years after […]

Battle for Mosul: Isis city under attack from Iraqi and Kurdish forces

A 35-year-old Mosul resident, using the pseudonym Abu Mohammed, has told Fazel Hawramy, reporting for the Guardian, that Isis forces are trying to mix into the population, and that civilians have seen “too many beheadings, people being drowned in cafes, thrown from buildings”.   Everyone is staying at home because we don’t know what else […]

US-led coalition airstrike on chemical-weapons facility near Mosul

US-led coalition airstrikes continued to hit ISIS targets in northern Iraq in the first half of September, as Iraqi ground forces reportedly prepare to launch operations to retake the terrorist group’s biggest remaining city, Mosul.   On September 12, three strikes hit an ISIS headquarters building that Operation Inherent Resolve officials have said was also […]

US led coalition airstrikes taunting ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria

US-led coalition airstrikes have continued to target ISIS positions and infrastructure in northern Iraq in recent weeks, as Iraqi ground forces move closer to the terrorist group’s stronghold in Mosul, the largest city it still controls.   Now it seems that campaign has added a new rhetorical flourish.   Officials added text saying “You can […]

Pentagon won’t reveal how many troops are fighting ISIS

The Pentagon has declined to say how many U.S. troops are actually on the ground in Iraq and Syria more than two years after the first deployments to fight the Islamic State.   The military only shares the number of full-time troops deployed, known as the “force management level” or FML.   That figure is […]

Trump: ISIS ‘salivating’ over Clinton presidency

Donald Trump on Saturday said the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is “salivating” at the prospect of Hillary Clinton as president.   The GOP presidential contender jumped on Clinton’s recent claim that she “short-circuited” when she misspoke in remarks about the FBI’s probe of her private email server.   “The people of this […]

As ‘caliphate’ shrinks, Islamic State looks to global attacks

ISIS, losing territory and on the retreat in Iraq and Syria, has claimed credit for a surge in global attacks this summer, most of them in France and Germany.   The wave of attacks followed a call to strike against the West during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in June and July, in an […]

Iraq war was illegal, says Blair’s former deputy

John Prescott, number two in the Labour government when Britain took part in the US-led invasion in 2003, made the remarks in a piece to be published in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.   On Wednesday, the Chilcot report returned a damning verdict on Britain’s role in the US-led war, finding it joined the conflict before […]

Iraq Report Prompts More Defensiveness Than Regret From Tony Blair

LONDON — His voice sometimes close to cracking, his expression strained and grim, former Prime Minister Tony Blair spent much of the past two days responding to the damning judgment of an inquiry into how he led Britain into the Iraq war, engaging in an extraordinary public mix of soul searching, regret and defensiveness.   […]

Chilcot report: We owe a debt to Iraq – Britain’s failures helped cause the mess the country is in today

Over 13 years since the US-led invasion and two years since Islamic State (Isis) emerged out of the deserts of Syria and conquered Iraqi cities as far south as Tikrit, it is rare to see positive headlines from Iraq. While there have been brief periods between 2003 and 2016 when Iraq has looked to be […]