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Israel playing chicken with the ICC

Israel is playing a high stakes game of chicken with International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda over its preliminary examination into alleged war crimes from the 2014 Gaza War. Bensouda has recognized a State of Palestine since January and has adamantly defended her position on the issue. She is not alone with support from UN […]

Israel slams Palestinians cynical and hypocritical ICC membership

“Israels position, like that of other nations like the US and Canada, is that the Palestinians are not entitled to join the ICC, and that the court does not have the authority to accept them, first and foremost because a Palestinian state is not recognized according to international law,” the foreign ministry said. Israel further slammed […]

Palestinian Authority is in cahoots with Hamas, has no right to threaten us in name of int’l law

“Palestine” has no right to join the International Criminal Court, because there is no Palestinian state in accordance with international law, Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon said Wednesday.   Nachshon said that for this reason, the ICC’s prosecutor erred earlier this year in accepting the Palestinian request for a preliminary examination into alleged war crimes […]

ICC ‘welcomes State of Palestine’ as 123rd member at ceremony

The International Criminal Court on Wednesday held a ceremony at The Hague “to welcome the State of Palestine” as the 123 State Party to the Rome Statute, the ICC’s founding treaty.   At the ceremony, the ICC’s Second Vice-President, Judge Kuniko Ozaki, presented Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Dr. Riad Al-Malki, with a special edition of […]

Palestinians want leverage on Israel in international court

The Palestinians formally joined the International Criminal Court on Wednesday, as part of a broader effort to put international pressure on Israel and exact a higher price for its occupation of lands sought for a Palestinian state.   Beyond seeking war crimes charges against Israel at the court, the Palestinians want the U.N. Security Council […]

As Palestinians go to ICC, NGO files war crimes complaint against Hamas

Shurat Hadin on Monday filed a war crimes complaint with the US Department of Justice against a range of Hamas commanders for indiscriminate rocket fire against Ben-Gurion Airport during the summer Gaza war.   The complaints by 26 Americans on flights which were redirected or cancelled or were present at the airport on July 22 […]

In exchange for freed tax funds, Palestinian Authority won’t pursue Israel over settlements at ICC

The Palestinian Authority will formally join the International Criminal Court on April 1, but – following Israel’s decision on Friday to release frozen tax revenues – is not expected at this time to take steps against Israel in the ICC regarding settlement construction.   In addition, The Jerusalem Post has learned that while the ICC […]

ICC Urged to Reconsider Flotilla Probe

Lawyers representing the Comoros on Thursday asked International Criminal Court (ICC) judges to order the court’s chief prosecutor to reconsider her decision not to probe Israel’s 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla, reports AFP.   The Comoros, which has referred the case to the ICC, “asks the Chamber to request the Prosecutor to reconsider her […]

Senators pledge not to support Palestinian aid until US reviews ICC bid

Three in four US senators pledged not to support assistance to the Palestinian Authority until the Obama administration reviews the admittance of Palestine to the International Criminal Court.   “Current law prohibits economic assistance to the Palestinian Authority if the Palestinians initiate an ICC investigation of Israeli nationals or ‘actively support such an investigation,’” said […]

ICC backers defy Israeli call to cut funding to war crimes court

Many leading backers of the International Criminal Court will ignore Israel’s call for them to cut funding in response to an inquiry into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories, officials told Reuters.   The continued support from countries which provide more than a third of the court’s cash, including Germany, Britain and France, averts […]