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U.S. Warns Brussels Not to Threaten NATO with EU Army

Brussels must be careful not to weaken or undermine the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as it builds a supranational European Union (EU) Army, American military leaders have told their EU lilies.   Last November, 25 EU states signed the Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defence (PESCO), agreeing on a multi-billion-euro common defence fund […]

Albania must stay the course of EU Integration says the nation’s most influential woman politician

Albania faces serious organised crime challenges and should pursue reforms that place it on a path of transparency, accountability, and growth.That is the bottom line argument of   Ms. Monika Kryemadhi, the leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, that is, the third biggest in the Albanian Parliament. The most powerful woman politician in Albania argues […]

Join us at the EU table, Balkan aspirants are told

A dozen EU countries want to bring the six western Balkan nations into European Union policy meetings even before they join the bloc, according to a policy paper seen by Reuters, in an effort to improve the bloc’s image in the region.After years of neglecting the six western Balkan countries and looking to counter growing […]

Shock as Merkel’s business leaders rally AGAINST integration plans

Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), along with their Bavarian sister party the CSU, are working against the clock to thrash out a deal with the centre-left SDP after months of failed negotiations.But now the CDU’s Economic Council, which represents the interests of around 12,000 small and medium-sized businesses, has raised concerns the alliance will serve […]

German-Franco initiative in EU to revive as German coalition talks make breakthrough

The German-Franco Initiative will return and push European integration to go further as German coalition talks have achieved breakthrough, according to Prof. Frank Baasner, director of the Deutsch-Franzoesisches Institut (DFI).The exploratory talks for government coalition between Angela Merkel’s Conservatives Union and Martin Schulz-led Social Democratic Party (SPD) on Friday made breakthrough on Friday.According to the […]

EU Balkans expansion: Brussels bids to make Serbia and Montenegro FULL EU members by 2026

The bloc is reportedly preparing to welcome its next group of member states by 2025 and hopes the likes of Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Kosovo will be “well advanced on their European path by then”. The countries are some of the poorest in Europe. But disputes in several Balkans nations could slow the accession process or scupper […]

Germans, French most in favor of a ‘United States of Europe:’ poll

Nearly one-third of Germans back Martin Schulz’s plans for a “United States of Europe,” but support for his ideas varies greatly across the Continent, according to a poll released Thursday.Schulz, a former European Parliament president and now leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), proposed earlier this month drafting a constitutional treaty to turn the EU […]

One Step Closer to a Bad Idea: A European Union Army

Bureaucrats in Brussels have long yearned to control the armed forces of the European Union’s member states, with the ultimate goal of creating an EU Army. The United Kingdom has largely stymied these efforts, rightfully seeing them as infringing on national sovereignty and creating a competitor to NATO.Now, however, with the UK leaving the EU, […]

NATO Jets Continue Low-Altitude Training Flights Over Estonia

NATO is maintaining its increased military presence in the Baltic States by continuing to send the alliance’s patrol jets to the region’s airspace, citing the alleged Russian threat.TALLINN (Sputnik) — Belgian F-16 fighter jets, which are conducting a mission to police the skies over the Baltics, will be carrying out daily low-altitude training flights over Estonia between Monday and Friday, […]

EU tells Netanyahu no support for Trump’s Jerusalem move

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his case to Europe to ask allies to join the United States in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but met a firm rebuff from EU foreign ministers who saw the move as a blow against the peace process.Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, took his own case to Egypt on Monday […]