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BERLIN  – The German government said on Monday it was in talks with its allies about a possible military deployment in Syria, prompting a sharp rebuke from the Social Democrats (SPD) and setting up a fresh conflict in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s loveless coalition. Overseas military action remains a sensitive and deeply unpopular topic in Germany, […]

Flash – France’s Macron proposes EU collective defence plan

French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that Europe adopts a form of collective defence on Thursday as he strengthens calls for EU integration in the face of concerns over the United States’ security commitments.Macron, who has called on the bloc to stop its reliance on Washington as a military backstop, said Europe should seek “strategic autonomy” […]

Macron says EU can no longer entrust its security to the US alone: ‘It’s up to us’

Emmanuel Macron has said Europe can no longer entrust its security to the US alone, during a speech setting out the roadmap for French diplomacy in the year to come. In front of an audience of French ambassadors on Monday, Mr Macron said “it’s up to us” to guarantee Europe’s security and therefore its sovereignty He said discussions […]

Iran tells EU to speed up efforts to save nuclear deal

Iran urged Europe on Monday to speed up efforts to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers that US President Donald Trump abandoned in May, saying French oil group Total has formally pulled out a major gas project.   Efforts by the remaining signatories – EU members Britain, France and Germany plus […]

Another Surprise Meeting With Putin. This Time, It’s Merkel.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany will host President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for talks near Berlin this weekend, in a surprise move that analysts said showed how foes and allies of the United States alike were shifting in response to the Trump administration’s sweeping tariffs and unpredictable diplomacy.   The chancellor and the Russian […]

EU fights against U.S. sanctions on Iran

The European Union vowed on Monday to counter US President Donald Trump’s renewal of sanctions on Iran, in an effort  to preserve a deal that saw Iran limit its nuclear ambitions in exchange for removing strict curbs on its economy.   As Washington’s so-called “snapback” sanctions are reinstated on Tuesday, a new EU law to […]

Theresa May surrenders her Brexit red line on taking back control from EU judges

Theresa May has been accused of an “unacceptable” compromise to the European Union following reports that European judges will have the final say over areas of Britain’s future relationship with the EU after Brexit.The UK government has agreed to let the European Court of Justice be the legal arbiter on issues relating to the £39 […]

Most Germans think Europe can look after itself

A majority of Germans think Europe can defend itself without military support from the United States, a poll has shown. Only 37 per cent of respondents said they believed Europe depended on US military help, the Forsa poll showed.   It came less than two weeks after Donald Trump said he could withdraw support for Nato […]

Theresa May’s Government Implodes as 9th MP Resigns over Soft Brexit Plan

A ninth MP has resigned from the government in the week since Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May revealed her soft Brexit plan which has been branded a betrayal of Leave voters by prominent Eurosceptics.In the space of 24 hours, MP for Witney Robert Courts and MP for North Cornwall Scott Mann have resigned from their […]

France Leads New European Defence Project To Protect Europe’s Southern Flank

Ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels this week (July 11-12), nine EU member states – including Spain and Portugal – have signed a letter of intent to develop a new French-led European Intervention Initiative (EI2).   France has long insisted that Europe needs autonomous defence capabilities that complement NATO while allowing for faster response […]