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Albania’s EU Membership

World Review | Endtime Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 by Ginger Boerkircher   Albania is now officially an EU accession country. After decades of communist isolation, the country of 3 million people received official candidate status. Despite the euphoria, the hardest part still lies ahead. The EU stipulates that Albania first has to initiate several reforms.

Smart Lights Tracking Your Moves

World Review | Endtime Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 by Ginger Boerkircher   A California company has found a way to turn LED lights into smart networks that can collect and feed data. However, the new technological opportunities are also raising privacy concerns. Across the globe, cities are phasing out old incandescent and sodium bulbs and replacing […]

Cops can Access Your Data

World Review | Endtime Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 by Ginger Boerkircher Smart home technology is the latest craze among big tech and telecom companies, which are rolling out products that allow people to remotely control things like lights and locks. But smart home customers might be unaware that their security footage is being stored in some […]

NATO Weighs Rapid Response Force for Eastern Europe

As Ukrainian leaders warned on Monday of “a great war” with Russia, NATO leaders meeting in Wales this week were expected to endorse their most concrete response yet to increased Russian military intervention in Ukraine: establishing a rapid-reaction force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe, officials of the alliance said.   The new force […]

Antisemitism strikes at the heart of the European Union

The European Union was set up with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours, reeling from the shock of what conspired in the Holocaust during World War II.   As the new European Parliament and European Commission take shape, protests invoking “death to the Jews” have hit the streets of many […]

Candidly speaking: As Europe slides into a Dark Age, Jews must review their future

Recent developments signal that the prospect of Europe sliding into a new Dark Age is now a horrifying reality. It is as though all the elements negating the open society have been blended into a witches’ brew to undermine Europe’s liberal cultural ethos. Read More: Candidly speaking: As Europe slides into a Dark Age, Jews […]

Transferring Powers to Eurasian Union Does Not Harm Sovereignty

The move by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to transfer powers to the bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU), currently being created, does not entail any harm to national sovereignty, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.   “The transfer of certain powers to national bodies of the Union brings absolutely no harm to the sovereignty […]

Charlemagne: Who will run Europe?

THE deceit of the European election was summed up by posters around the continent: “Use your power. Choose who is in charge of Europe”. The votes were cast. People used their power to kick governments by supporting parties of the far right and left. But they did not choose who would run Europe.   The […]

The United States of Europe: EU’s answer to Russia?

In a call to counter the rise of anti-EU parties, Brendan Simms, professor of the history of international relations at Cambridge University, told Channel 4 News: “Euroscepticism is a huge threat, not so much because people are cautious about the ability of Europe to deliver – a concern which I share – but because they […]

Another EU threat to national sovereignty

One of the few “successes” of the British negotiations over the Lisbon Treaty, which came into force in 2009, was a partial opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Read More: Another EU threat to national sovereignty – Telegraph.