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Germany: The Reluctant Leader of the New Europe

Identity is always a composite. It can have many elements: Geography, history, culture, language, common interests and the way societies govern themselves. No single element is necessary to it – and no single element is sufficient for it. Read More: Germany: The Reluctant Leader of the New Europe – The Globalist.

The President Of France Wants Eurozone Members To Transfer Their Sovereignty To A United States Of Europe

The President of France has come up with a very creative way of solving the European debt crisis.  On Sunday, a piece authored by French President Francois Hollande suggested that the ultimate solution to the problems currently plaguing Europe would be for every member of the eurozone to transfer all of their sovereignty to a […]

The case for a United States of Europe

It’s not unheard of for a young political union to be disharmonious, and for that disharmony to be worsened by its decentralized political institutions. In 1950, just a year into the European experiment, the Norwegian foreign minister wrote an essay in Foreign Affairs comparing Europe at the moment to the early American colonies, which were […]

Happy Birthday, Rome—and Western Civilization

Happy Birthday, Rome! The ancients celebrated Rome’s birthday on April 21. They calculated that the city was founded in 753 BC, that is, 2,768 years ago, a date that archaeology suggests was roughly correct. But April 21 is more than just an antiquarian anniversary. It’s the birthday of Western Civilization. Read More: Happy Birthday, Rome—and […]

Nuclear deal with Iran may spur proxy wars, says EU official

A nuclear deal with Iran may spur proxy wars in the Middle East as Sunni Muslims try to counter an increasingly wealthy and powerful Shi’ite Iran, the European Union’s counter-terrorism coordinator said on Monday.   Gilles de Kerchove told the European Parliament one important cause of terrorism was “this war by proxy from the Sunni […]

No Religious Oath for Alexis Tsipras

Could Alexis Tsipras be the Antichrist?   “I declare in my name, my honor and my conscience to obey the Constitution and the laws.” -Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister   “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” -Jesus, […]

Holy Roman Empire Reborn

If we acquire an understanding of the holy roman empire, we can know what’s really happening in our world today.
Now, the prophecy about the holy roman empire reborn is given to us two different times in the scripture.

Jean-Claude Juncker calls for creation of EU army

The president of the European Commission has called for the creation of an EU army in order to show Russia “that we are serious about defending European values”. Read More: Jean-Claude Juncker calls for creation of EU army – FT.com.


Every day of gloom and doom is one day closer to the final showdown… when Jesus returns and rids the world of all of this chaos and godlessness By Linda Sargent   At the end of 2014 the national and global news was more disturbing than it was the year before: wars, floods, earthquakes, famine, […]

Prophetic Fulfillments of 2014

An overview of events that occurred in 2014 by Rick Brinegar   The Bible prophesies that, just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ: (1) A global economic system will be established. (2) A peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, will be recognized by the International Community, which will finalize the borders of […]