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Merkel faces demand for further EU integration as price to end government crisis

ngela Merkel faces demands for sweeping European Union reform and further integration as the price of a new coalition government in Germany, it emerged on Friday. Martin Schulz, the leader of the rival Social Democrats (SPD), told an interview with Spiegel magazine he would insist on deeper integration as a condition of joining any new government […]

EU must become a United States of Europe by 2025, says Angela Merkel’s planned coalition partner Martin Schulz

The leader of Germany’s main centre-left party has said he wants to establish a United States of Europe by 2025.Martin Schulz, a former European Parliament president, said a convention should be set up to create a new constitution for Europe and that any country that did not adopt it should automatically be kicked out of […]

With pitch for ‘United States of Europe,’ German center-left opts to open talks with Merkel

Germany’s main center-left party on Thursday offered Chancellor Angela Merkel a way out of the country’s months-long political stalemate while signaling that its price may be a radically different vision of Europe. The Social Democrats (SPD) had repeatedly insisted they would not join Merkel’s conservatives in another grand coalition following an inconclusive September election. But on […]

Promising 16+1 cooperation helps boost European development, integration

China and the 16 Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) are striving to advance their cooperation, which is significant in fueling up the overall development in Europe and strengthening the integration of the continent.   As an important part of and a helpful complement to China-Europe ties, 16+1 cooperation has promoted the development of China-Europe […]

CRISIS: Germany Has Failed to Form a New Government For First Time Since 1949

Germany’s liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) walked away from coalition talks Sunday night after weeks of tense negotiations, leaving Germany without any viable options for forming a new government for the first time since the Second World War. The discussions come after the poor election result for Germany’s traditional mainstream parties in September which saw […]

EU takes step toward joint army

The vast majority of EU states have agreed to create what some have called the nucleus of a joint army.Twenty three out of 28 EU states signed the declaration in Brussels on Monday (13 November), prior to making a legally binding pledge at an EU summit next month. British firms stand to lose EU defence […]

Echoes of Cold War as NATO mulls new North Atlantic command

NATO needs to establish a new regional base for protecting the North Atlantic against increased Russian naval strength, a senior alliance general said on Monday, as allies consider the next step in a military build-up reminiscent of the Cold War.FILE PHOTO: Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Czech Army General Petr Pavel, arrives to address […]

The Grand Plans to Renew the European Union

The European Union is riddled with overlapping problems. The euro currency crisis, diverging policies on Russia and Turkey, irregular migration patterns, rising nationalism, terrorism and Euroskepticism are just a few — not to mention the Brexit. With all of these issues piling up, it’s little wonder that some EU leaders have judged the European project […]

NATO Has Little Confidence In Its Ability To Counter Russian Attack

NATO has little confidence in its ability to counter a Russian attack against eastern European members, according to a leaked internal document.   German newspaper Der Spiegel published excerpts from NATO’s “Progress Report on the Strengthened Deterrence and Defense Capability of the Alliance” in its Saturday edition. The report outlines the alliance’s ability to “react […]

Donald Tusk tells UK: You can still stop Brexit

Top European Union official Donald Tusk has warned the “toughest stress test” of Brexit negotiations is still to come and suggested Britain could yet stay in the bloc.   With Theresa May hoping exit talks will move on to discussions about trade by the end of the year, the European Council president insisted it is […]