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Hamas threatens to exit national unity government with Palestinian Authority

Hamas announced on Monday that it has taken a “political decision” to abandon the national consensus government with the Palestinian Authority.   The announcement came amid rising tensions between Hamas and the PA following the latter’s refusal to pay salaries to Palestinians employed by the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip.   The two rival […]

Police remain vigilant as Hamas calls for ‘Day of Rage’ on Friday

Police are maintaining heightened security amid Hamas’s call for a “Day of Rage” against Israel on Friday during which the terrorist organization implored Palestinians to take to the streets “in solidarity with the Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem intifada.”   Accusing Israel of “desecrating” the Aksa Mosque, Hamas told Palestinians to march toward checkpoints in the […]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad salute Jerusalem terror attack

Hamas and Islamic Jihad hailed Wednesday’s terrorist act by an east Jerusalem resident who rammed his car into a crowd of commuters at a light rail station, killing a three-month old infant and injuring seven others.“The attack in Jerusalem is an act of heroism and a natural response to the crimes of the occupation against […]

Israel confirms Hamas planned mass tunnel attack

Hamas was planning a coordinated attack on Israel to inflict mass civilian casualties, an Israeli spokesman told Vanity Fair in an article published online Tuesday.   Khaled Meshal, the exiled leader of Hamas, vehemently denied such a scenario in a conversation with the magazine, while a top Israeli intelligence official asserted that the abduction and […]

Gaza Ceasefire Negotiations to Resume Next Week

“Hamas and the Palestinian factions will take part in a session of indirect negotiations with the occupation (Israel) on the 27th of this month at the invitation of Egypt,” said Hamas deputy leader Mousa Abu Marzouk. He said on the movement’s Al-Ray website that the Palestinians would from the outset demand the opening of a […]

Hamas Committing a Double War Crime

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday told United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that Hamas commits a double war crime by using civilians as human shields and firing rockets at Israel. Netanyahu’s comments were made in a meeting with Ban at the UN headquarters in New York. Also attending the meeting was Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.Netanyahu […]

Fatah, Hamas agree to cede control of Gaza to unity government

Hamas and Fatah said on Thursday that they have reached agreement to allow the Palestinian Authority government to operate in the Gaza Strip.   Representatives of the two rival parties have been holding “reconciliation” talks in Cairo over the past two days in a bid to end their differences.   Hamas and Fatah leaders said […]

Hamas: End Blockade or There Will be Another War

Hamas deputy leader Mousa Abu Marzouq said Thursday the group does not want another war with Israel, but warned more fighting is inevitable unless the blockade on Gaza is lifted.   The comments were made in an interview Abu Marzouq gave to The Associated Press (AP). In the interview, Abu Marzouq insisted that Hamas won […]

Hamas acknowledges its forces fired rockets at Israel from civilian areas

Two weeks after the end of the Gaza war, there is growing evidence that Hamas militants used residential areas as cover for launching rockets at Israel, at least at times. Even Hamas now admits “mistakes” were made.   But Hamas says it had little choice in Gaza’s crowded urban landscape, took safeguards to keep people […]

Gaza Strip conflict: Israel wins war but is badly wounded by media coverage

There has been scant questioning by the international media and by governments around the world of the figures on the dead given by Hamas. There has been very little attention paid to whether or not Hamas’ assertion that most of the dead are women and children is correct… Read More: Gaza Strip conflict: Israel wins […]