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International Law | Prophecy Update

What is international law? Does it have power over national laws? If so, does that mean there is no longer national sovereignty? Who has the power to enforce international law upon the nations of the world. Are all nations on earth subject to international law whether they want to be or not?

Italian vote a defeat for globalism, big government

First, the British people rose up and voted to leave the European Union, defying their prime minister and the forces of globalism. Then the American people voted to make Donald Trump their president, defying a sneering media and skeptical international community. Now the Italian people have voted to reject changes to their constitution, siding with […]

Trump Torpedoing Globalism is Fall of World Socialism 2.0

Donald Trump winning the presidency based on his promise to torpedo globalism came exactly 27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and represents the second leg down for “World Socialism.” Although U.S. history books declare capitalist United States the victor in World War II, it was World Socialism that ended up dominating most of […]

Globalism The 800-Pound Gorilla in the Living Room!

One-World Government The number one issue, by far, in America’s presidential campaign is globalism. This one issue will determine the future course of the United States of America. What is Globalism? Globalism is simply the belief that the nation-state is now obsolete, and that the world must move into a system of global governance. Clearly […]

Obama Praises Globalism While Acknowledging Its Faults

In his last address before the United Nations Tuesday, President Barack Obama acknowledged that globalism has led “to a collision of cultures” but urged countries to embrace liberal democracy and internationalization.   Obama told world leaders to recognize that violence and poverty are at historic lows.   “I believe that we need to acknowledge these achievements […]