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ISIS-linked rebels trying to spark conflict between us

Israel’s defense establishment knows that the recent “trickles” of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel must be stopped before it becomes a routine occurrence. But while Israel has officially placed the responsibility for Wednesday night’s rocket fire on Gaza’s leadership, Hamas is having a hard time reining in Salafi and jihadist groups in […]

ISIS Threat In Gaza Turns Hamas Into A Counterterrorism Player For Israel And Egypt

The scene earlier this month in the Gaza Strip was unusual to say the least: Hamas, the hardcore Sunni Muslim group ruling the Gaza Strip, was bulldozing a Sunni mosque in the heart of Gaza. The mosque was believed to be a base for fighters belonging to a new group called Supporters of the Islamic […]

Hamas blasts ‘unfair’ Amnesty report alleging war crimes in Gaza

Hamas on Wednesday dismissed as “unfair and unprofessional” a report by Amnesty International that accused its security forces of killing and torturing Palestinians during last year’s Operation Protective Edge.   The Hamas Interior Ministry condemned the report, which was released for publication early Wednesday. “The report was based on sensationalism and exaggeration of a few […]

‘Gazans are not psychologically prepared for a new war with Israel’

In light of the recent flare-up in violence, Gazans remain apprehensive over the prospect of renewed large-scale hostilities.   Israel responded to a rocket that was fired at Gan Yavne on Tuesday night, shattering nearly a year of relative calm. The Israeli Air Force attacked four targets in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning in […]

Evac Program Launched Ahead of Future Wars

The IDF and local Regional Councils are already preparing residents of the Gaza Belt area for another war, and have prepared an evacuation plan following the mass exodus from the area during Operation Protective Edge, according to a report released Friday.   The Gaza Belt was hit hardest by Hamas rocket and mortar fire, sparking […]

Twilight zone? Hamas vs. ISIS in Gaza

In a major escalation, Islamist Salafists on Monday planted a bomb on Hamas’s security headquarters in Gaza City, damaging a peripheral wall of the central structure.   Hours earlier, Gazan Salafists posted an online message threatening to “act against chosen targets” if Hamas did not release Islamist prisoners within 72 hours.   The Salafists were […]

Vatican recognizes ‘Palestine’ despite desecration of holy sites

The Palestinians’ “state” comprises the territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern sections of Jerusalem, which encompass some of the most important churches and sites in Christianity.   The Vatican move comes despite the PA’s history of holy site desecration, the persecution of Christians and the Palestinians’ failure to ensure freedom of worship […]

As Palestinians go to ICC, NGO files war crimes complaint against Hamas

Shurat Hadin on Monday filed a war crimes complaint with the US Department of Justice against a range of Hamas commanders for indiscriminate rocket fire against Ben-Gurion Airport during the summer Gaza war.   The complaints by 26 Americans on flights which were redirected or cancelled or were present at the airport on July 22 […]

Quartet urges revival of peace talks, reconstruction of Gaza

Talks broke down last April with the Palestinians angry at continued building of Jewish settlements in occupied territory and Israel furious at attempts to bring Hamas, which officially denies Israel’s right to exist, into the Palestinian government. “The Quartet underlined the importance of the parties resuming negotiations as soon as possible,” the group comprising the […]

Israeli prime minister calls for scrapping UN Gaza war probe

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for scrapping a U.N. commission, which is tasked with investigating potential war crimes committed last summer in Gaza, after the inquiry’s chief resigned amid accusations from Israel that he was biased against the country.   Netanyahu said the commission, set up by the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights […]