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Paris 2015 Climate Change Summit

Will a New Global Agreement Avert Climate Catastrophe, or are We Losing our Freedoms to a Huge Hoax? By Rick Brinegar   In the months leading up to an historic international climate change conference in Paris, many man-made climate change proponents have been emphatically advancing their cause and denigrating skeptics so vigorously that it has taken on […]

ISIS threaten attacks in Paris, New York and MOSCOW

ISIS fighters in Libya have been handing out tins of sweets to children and adults to celebrate the Paris terror attacks last month.   The sickening celebrations have been revealed in a new propaganda video, where two jihadis urge terrorists to carry out attacks in Paris, New York and Moscow.   The armed fighter also […]

Obama Wants to Organize the World Around Climate Change

President Barack Obama has expressed an apocalyptic vision he suggests other reasonable people must embrace.   On Monday, in Paris, he said he foresees: “Submerged countries. Abandoned cities. Fields that no longer grow.”   And also: “Political disruptions that trigger new conflict, and even more floods of desperate peoples seeking the sanctuary of nations not […]

France’s Weatherman Hired Kremlin After Questioning Warming

France’s top weatherman has found a new gig after being fired in November for questioning global warming in his new book: he’s working for Russian state-owned media.   French news outlet Le Figaro reports Philippe Verdier is covering the United Nations climate summit in Paris for Russia Today France. Verdier has a daily news segment […]

At Climate Talks, Obama Tries Distinguishing Paris From Copenhagen

As potentially historic climate change talks began in Paris Monday, the White House seemed determined to distinguish this gathering of 150 world leaders from the last time around — when efforts to produce a sweeping carbon emissions treaty in Copenhagen seven years ago failed.   “One of the enemies we’ll be fighting at this conference,” […]

Twelve Reasons Why The Paris Climate Talks Are A Total Waste

1. There has been no ‘global warming’ since 1997   So, of all the children round the world currently being taught in schools about the perils of man-made global warming, not a single one has lived through a period in which the planet was actually warming.   2. The polar bears are doing just great.   […]

World headed toward ‘suicide’ if no climate agreement

The U.N. climate conference in Paris is most likely humanity’s last chance to thwart global environmental disaster, Pope Francis said on Monday, warning the world was “at the limits of suicide”.   The pope, who wrote a major document on the environment last June, made the comment in an hour-long news conference aboard the plane […]

Coalition of the grudging

Some support for Mr Hollande, who has tripled France’s air-strike capacity in the region, is already on its way. Britain’s David Cameron says he will ask Parliament to authorise air strikes on Syria. Mr Obama has pledged closer sharing of intelligence for target-selection, and an intensification of attacks on IS. Yet Mr Hollande’s ambition is […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to meet world leaders in Paris Monday

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to leave early Monday morning for Paris and join some 140 leaders from around the world at a conference on climate change that – since the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month – has also morphed into a demonstration of solidarity with France and an international statement against […]

Israel suspends EU role in Palestinian peace process

Israel said Sunday it was suspending contacts with European Union bodies involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians after the bloc started requiring the labeling of exports from Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also the foreign minister, ordered the ministry to carry out “a reassessment of the […]