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Donald Trump still set on relocating US embassy in Israel, adviser says

A senior adviser to Donald Trump has reiterated that the president-elect is determined to overturn years of government policy and move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after his inauguration in January. The comments were made by Kellyanne Conway in a radio interview on Monday, and reiterated Trump’s campaign commitment to […]

Iran warns of World War III if Trump revamps nuclear pact

Iran is prepared to start World War III if the Trump administration meddles with its nuclear pact, according to a top official from the Mideast country — who tempered his saber-rattling by saying such an outcome is unlikely because the president-elect is, above all else, a businessman.“Considering Trump’s character and that he measures the cost […]

Buoyed by Donald Trump Win, Jerusalem Mayor Hopes to Get U.S. Embassy

The mayor of Jerusalem says that he is optimistic that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, the United States will quickly move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to his contested ancient city, a step every other American administration has resisted to the annoyance of many Israeli Jews. In an interview while visiting New […]

Poll: Vast Majority of Israelis Believe Trump Will Be Pro-Israel

The Times of Israel reports: A new poll found that the vast majority of Israelis believe US President-elect Donald Trump will be a “pro-Israel president.” According to the poll, 83 percent of Israelis view Trump, a Republican who has made statements putting him in line with many of the Israeli government’s right-wing policies, as pro-Israel. […]

Chinese media offer stern warning to ‘rookie’ Trump

Donald Trump is a “diplomatic rookie” who must learn not to cross Beijing on issues like trade and Taiwan, Chinese state media said Tuesday, warning America could pay dearly for his inexperience. A protocol-shattering call with Taiwan’s president followed by a Twitter tirade against Beijing’s policies by the president-elect could risk upending the delicate balance […]

Rouhani says Iran won’t let Trump rip up nuclear deal

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday he would not let US President-elect Donald Trump rip up a global nuclear deal, warning of unspecified repercussions if Washington reneges on the agreement. Trump had said during campaigns for the White House that he would scrap Iran’s pact with world powers – under which Tehran agreed to […]

Mosul offensive folds, waiting now for Trump

The failue of the US-backed Iraqi army offensive to liberate Mosul – nine weeks after it began – could no longer be denied when a delegation of ISIS chiefs arrived there Sunday, Dec. 4, traveling unhindered from Raqqa, Syria. DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that they arrived to discuss how to synchronize the operations of […]

‘It’s a pretty disturbing time for Ukraine’: Trump’s Russia ties unnerve Kiev

iev was far from the only capital city in which the ruling elite reacted with alarm to the election of Donald Trump, but the Ukrainian government has more reason than most to fear the new US administration. The US president-elect made a number of positive comments about the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, during the campaign, […]

Trump Phone Conversation With Taiwan Head Rankles Chinese Communists

Following President-elect Donald Trump’s acceptance of a congratulatory phone call on December 2 from Tsai Ing-wen (shown, right), the president of the Republic of China (ROC, popularly known as Taiwan) the communist government of the mainland People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued a formal complaint about Trump’s action. On December 3, the People’s Republic’s foreign […]

White House moves to reassure China after Donald Trump’s call with Taiwan

White House officials say they have spoken with Chinese leadership following President-elect Donald Trump’s call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Federal officials called to reassure the country that the US still adheres to the “One China” policy, which does not recognise Taiwan as its own sovereign nation. White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said officials “do not understand […]