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Moving US embassy to Jerusalem could provoke violent ‘chaos’, experts warn

Donald Trump’s plan to move the Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be a “game changer”, according to diplomats, as senior Palestinian officials warn that the move could provoke regional violence. Criticised by international legal experts, analysts and former senior US officials, the proposal has heightened concern over what the president-elect’s policies would […]

TRUMP: Berlin Christmas market slaughter an ‘attack on humanity’

Outside his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago, President-elect Donald Trump told reporters that the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin was “an attack on humanity.” Trump had previously issued a statement on the Monday truck attack, which killed 12 people and injured dozens. ISIS claimed responsibility. When a reporter asked Trump about his previously stated plans to […]

PLO leaders concerned about relocation of US Embassy

As less than one month separates President-elect Donald Trump from assuming the reins of the US presidency, senior Palestinian officials are growing increasingly concerned about the prospect of major changes in US policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “We are very concerned about the US moving its embassy,” Wasel Abu Yousif, a PLO Executive Committee member, […]

Trump associate: West Bank inseparable part of Israel

Becky Norton Dunlop, a senior official in President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, said during a tour of the West Bank this week that “Anyone who comes and visits Judea and Samaria sees that it is an inseparable part of the State of Israel.” Republican members of Congress and members of the European Parliament also joined […]

Trump condemns assassination of Russian ambassador

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday condemned the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, calling it a “violation of all rules of civilized order” and saying it was carried out by a “radical Islamic terrorist.” “Today we offer our condolences to the family and loved ones of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, who was assassinated […]

Trump links Islamist terrorists with Berlin attack

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Monday condemned the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin that killed 12 people, saying that “Islamist terrorists” were responsible for it. “ISIS and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad,” Trump said in a statement quoted by […]

Benjamin Netanyahu planning unprecedented new construction during Trump reign

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his strongest statement in years on Monday in favor of construction in Judea and Samaria, giving hope to settler leaders that massive construction will begin when Donald Trump replaces Barack Obama as president of the United States. Netanyahu told 60 Minutes last week that he was looking forward to working […]

Electoral College Vote Seals Trump White House Victory

The Electoral College formalized Donald Trump’s election victory on Monday despite protests around the country to encourage GOP electors to abandon the Republican. The president-elect easily racked up the 270 electoral votes needed to send him to the White House. Interest in the normally mundane voting process spiked this year as opposition to Trump continues […]

Electoral college’s ‘faithless electors’ fail to stop Trump but land democratic blow

In the end, the so-called “faithless electors” of the US electoral college failed resoundingly in their aim to stop Donald Trump from reaching the White House. But they did strike a small but significant blow for reform of America’s arcane way of choosing the president. With counts still ongoing in California and Texas, the number […]

Trump Names Entrepreneur, Terrorism Expert as Army Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump nominated Vincent Viola (shown) as secretary of the army on Monday, saying: “Whether it is his distinguished military service or highly impressive track record in the world of business, Vinnie has proved throughout his life that he knows how to be a leader and deliver major results in the face of any […]