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Coronavirus Concerns Spread Faster and Further Than Pathogen

A deadly new coronavirus has spread to two dozen countries from China. So far, Iceland isn’t one of them. That hasn’t stopped the country of 363,000 people from preparing a building called “Place X” to quarantine hundreds of people, should the need arise. Iceland has also established a coordination center, where emergency and government officials meet […]

House Panel Holds First Hearing on Coronavirus Outbreak

A congressional hearing aimed at assessing the recent coronavirus outbreak, and the response to it was held on Feb. 5. It’s the first hearing of its kind, as numbers affected by the virus continue to grow, mostly in China. The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and Nonproliferation heard testimony from three health […]

World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Outbreak A Global Health Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) is declaring an international emergency in response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak. On Thursday, the organization panel announced the fast spreading disease, which has infected more than 8,200 people across the world, is now a global health emergency. Since it emerged less than a month ago, the coronavirus has resulted […]

China Quarantines 40 Million, 1,300+ Infected; Expert Predicted Coronavirus ‘Pandemic’ Could Kill 65 Million; U.S. Evacuation Underway In China

The United States government is working to evacuate American citizens out of the Chinese city of Wuhan as China has now quarantined 40 million people and is warning that the nation is in a “grave situation” by the “accelerating” spread of the virus. “The operation comes as the death toll from a newly identified coronavirus […]