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Tillerson On Climate Change: We Will ‘Make the Right Decision for the United States’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday the Trump administration would not be rushing in determining how to approach the issue of climate change, but would “make the right decision for the United States.”   Read More: Tillerson On Climate Change: We Will ‘Make the Right Decision for the United States’

Trump sends ‘much smaller’ team to UN climate change summit

A “much smaller” US delegation is set to attend a United Nations climate change summit in Bonn, Germany as Donald Trump considers withdrawing from the historic Paris Agreement, the White House has said. The agreement, signed by nearly 200 countries in December 2015, looks to cap the increase in world temperatures to “well below” 2 […]

People’s Climate March Spurs Thousands to Descend on the White House

On President Trump’s 100th day in office, thousands of climate activists descended on Washington, D.C., to send the president a message — climate change is real. Demonstrators braved temperatures above the 90s Saturday to march down Pennsylvania Avenue, chanting “water is life” and “keep it in the soil, can’t drink oil!” The gathering, already a […]

World leaders should ignore Donald Trump on climate change, says Michael Bloomberg

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg has urged world leaders not to follow President Donald Trump’s lead on climate change and declared his intention to help save an international agreement to reduce carbon emissions. Bloomberg, who considered a presidential bid after serving three terms as New York City’s mayor, addressed his intensifying focus on climate change in […]

Global Finance Leaders Grapple With Globalization Fears

Global finance leaders on Saturday dropped a sharp condemnation of trade protectionism and references to climate change from a closing statement that wrapped up the spring meetings of the 189-nation International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This year’s meetings were dominated by a debate over how to respond to a rising tide of anti-globalization […]

Delingpole: Climate Realists Urge President Trump to Pull out of Suicidal, Expensive and Pointless Paris Agreement

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released a video urging President Trump to keep his campaign promise and withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. It features a speech President Trump gave in May 2016 explaining exactly why he wanted to pull out: “This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over our energy and how much […]

Trump’s Take on Climate Change | Prophecy Update

Bible prophecy tells us that a world government will be established just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

China, India, Brazil and South Africa push Trump on climate change

China, Brazil, India and South Africa have urged industrialized countries to honor financial commitments made in Paris in 2015 to help developing countries fight against global climate change, they said in a statement on Tuesday. Following a meeting in Beijing, climate change ministers from the “BASIC” bloc of four major emerging economies called on rich […]

Democrats protest after schools sent material that questions climate change

A group of top House Democrats banded together Monday to condemn a political group for disseminating books skeptical of climate change to public high schools. “Lying to children about the world we live in to further corporate polluter profits is cruel,” said Rep. Raul Grijalva, ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee. “If climate […]

EPA chief says Paris climate agreement ‘bad deal’ for U.S.

The United States should continue to be “engaged” in international climate change discussions but the Paris climate change agreement is a “bad deal” for the country, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Sunday. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt did not confirm whether the United States would remain in the global climate change pact, under […]